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Each of the five gourmet items represent different regions of Australia
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The Australian wines featured in our International Wine Club

Taste the Adventure of Australia
For each country we feature quarterly in the International Wine Club, we offer the Adventure Package which has an assortment of five individually selected imported gourmet food items. Many of the products are featured in the traditional recipes included with the newsletter. Try pairing each item with the wines from our International Series selection for fun!

The Gourmet Adventure Package from Australia Includes:

Danny’s Macadamia Crunch
A little sweet and a little salty, Danny’s Macadamia Crunch is sure to satisfy those tastebuds. It starts with the macadamia nuts (the best they can find), and then they add pure sugar, clean coconut, a dab of butter from local milk, and a pinch of salt. This tasty snack is all natural with no preservatives - pure, clean, and simple - as it should be.

Water Wheel Fine Wafer Crackers
These light-as-air cracker crisps come from Victoria, Australia. They are small, pressed crackers with a waffle-like imprint on their surface and because they are so thin, they are the perfect choice for pates, cheeses, dips, and antipasti. You can enjoy the full flavor of your topping without it being overpowered by your cracker.

The Original Australian BBQ Sauce
Voted the best barbecue sauce in many major barbecue competitions, The Original Australian BBQ Sauce blends only the finest ingredients - sun riped fruits, pure Tasmanian honey and a special blend of fresh ground spices. This sauce is ideal for steaks, ribs, chicken, and burgers all year round - simply brush on your meat and barbecue! It makes a great marinade as well.

Pic’s Really Good Smooth Peanut Butter
Pic’s Peanut Butter is a healthy, full-flavored peanut butter made just how peanut butter should be - with just two ingredients, peanuts and sea salt. What makes this peanut butter extra special though, is the Australian nuts that are roasted to perfection. The nuts are a hioleic variety, which makes them a bit oilier than ordinary nuts, with less chance of rancidity, and an enhanced nutritional value. Add this peanut butter to sautés, sauces, desserts, and sandwiches - or just have it by the spoonful. It really is a really good peanut butter.

Mountain Bread White
Mountain Bread is a healthy, versatile flat bread with many health benefits realized by leading weight loss organizations. This bread uses no dairy products, no eggs, no Sour Dough, and it’s cholesterol free, yeast free, and 98% fat free. While relatively new to Australia, this traditional flat bread has been widely eaten in other parts of the world for thousands of years and it is quickly growing in popularity within the country. One of the most popular uses for Mountain Bread is as a wrap for sandwiches - but get creative! This bread can become toasted chips for nachos, tortillas for enchiladas and even cups for dessert tarts. Enjoy!

International wines sold separately.

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