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Taste the Adventure of Italy
For each country we feature quarterly in the International Series Wine Club, we offer the Adventure Package which has an assortment of individually selected imported gourmet food items. Many of the products are featured in the traditional recipes included with the newsletter. Try pairing each item with the wines for fun! International wines are not included in the cost of the adventure package.

The International Series Gourmet Adventure Package from Italy includes:

Don Peppino Mini Bruschette
These tasty bite-sized crackers are the perfect snack or appetizer selection because they are so versatile! Baked with authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil, tomato, garlic, and oregano, these mini bruschettes can be enjoyed on their own or paired with hard or soft cheeses and a variety of dips.

Monte Pollino Pesto Sauce
Monte Pollino’s traditional Pesto Sauce is made with chopped sweet basil, real Italian cheeses (Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano Romano), extra virgin olive oil, garlic and pine nuts. This thick paste-like sauce is delicious when used with pasta or risotto, and it even makes a great pizza topping! Monte Pollino’s Pesto Sauce is an all natural product and made without any preservatives.

Kotanyi Italian Herbs Grinder
Kotanyi’s Italian Herbs Grinder offers a combination of fine Italian herbs in a modern grinder design with a handy shape. With intense aromas, this special herb combination brings the typical taste of Mediterranean cooking not only to dishes such as pasta and pizza, but also to meat, vegetables and salads. Italian herbs should always be cooked with the dish, to release the full flavor.

Antica Fattoria Valentina - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
One of the classic flavors of Italy! This Antica Fattoria Valentina Balsamic Vinegar of Modena can be enjoyed in many ways. Try drizzling this balsamic vinegar on aged cheeses such as Parmigianino Reggiano or Grana Padano, or over fresh mozzarella with a dash of extra virgin olive oil. It can also be sprinkled over fresh picked strawberries for the perfect combination of sweet and sour. This balsamic vinegar can also complement prosciutto, filet mignon, salads, and marinades.

Dolciaria Quaranta Nougat Bar:
Dolciaria Quaranta was founded by Antonio Quaranta and his wife Alzira in 1924 in Caravaggio, Italy. They devoted themselves to the handmade production of nougat and other desserts typical of the confectionery tradition of Cremona and Bergamo provinces, such as spun sugar, brittle, and biscuits. Their line of Nougat Passion Bars offer intriguing flavors and make a decadently delicious option for either an indulgent treat or satisfying dessert.

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