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Taste the Adventure!
Imported Selections — GMWC COMP Gifts
Produced in the regions of Victoria, Melbourne and Essex
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The Australian wines featured in our International Wine Club

Taste the Adventure of Australia
For each country we feature quarterly in the International Series Wine Club, we offer the Adventure Package which has an assortment of individually selected imported gourmet food items. Many of the products are featured in the traditional recipes included with the newsletter. Try pairing each item with the wines from our International Wine Club for fun! International wines are not included in the cost of the Adventure Package.

The Gourmet Adventure Package from Australia Includes:

Australian Water Wheels Crackers
Australian Water Wheels Crackers are light-as-air crisp crackers from Victoria, Australia. These small, pressed crackers are very thin with a waffle-like imprint on their surface. Since they are so light, these Water Wheels are perfect for enjoying with pates, cheeses, dips and creamy spreads. Water Wheels are very light, so they won’t overpower the full flavor of your topping. Enjoy as a snack or appetizer.

Waterthins Parmesan & Garlic Cheese Twists:
Waterthins Parmesan & Garlic Cheese Twists are the perfect snack! Seasoned with natural herbs and spices and baked in a time honored traditional method to achieve that extra “crunchiness,” these Waterthins are a great accompaniment to soups, salads, dips, and sauces. They’re also tasty on their own! Try adding the Waterthins Parmesan & Garlic Cheese Twists to antipasto platters for a delicious alternative to the standard cracker.

Carman's Classic Fruit Muesli Bars:
Carman’s Classic Fruit Muesli Bars feature lightly toasted whole grain oats flavored with honey, cinnamon, gourmet nuts and dried fruit. Soft and chewy, these bars are truly snack-a-licious! Each nutrient-rich Muesli Bar provides a unique balance of carbohydrates and protein, is wheat and preservative free, and a good source of fiber.

Kookaburra Licorice:
Kookaburra Liquorice is renowned as Australia’s top delicious, soft-eating liquorice brand. Your Adventure Package includes the brand’s two classic flavors - Traditional Black and Classic Strawberry. The Traditional Black Liquorice is full flavored and aromatic, with the distinctive taste of real liquorice root. The Classic Strawberry Liquorice offers a sweet berry taste and Kookaburra’s famous soft eating texture. Enjoy!

The Original Australian BBQ Company Sauces:
Capture the delicious and unique flavor of Australia with the Original Australian BBQ Sauce Company’s fine line of delicious, award-winning BBQ sauces, marinades, and mustards. Your Adventure Package features one of the company’s top sauces. All are ideal for flavoring your favorite steaks, ribs, chicken and burgers in true Aussie style!

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