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SOLD OUTAbundance 2002 Merlot

Featured in our Gold Wine of the Month Club

Sonoma County region
Gold Medal — Los Angeles County Fair
Silver Medal — Orange County Fair
Silver Medal — Hilton Head Competition
Abundance Vinyards, Sonoma County
83% Merlot, 18% Syrah
22 months in French Oak

The 2002 California Merlot is the first release of this varietal from Abundance Vineyards; they are very proud of their accomplishment, and rightfully so! With the results coming in from the national competitions, the 2002 California Merlot has received its first Gold Medal from the Los Angeles County Fair Wine Competition. A Silver Medal was awarded at the Orange County Fair Wine Competition and a second Silver Medal was won at the Hilton Head Wine Competition. A dark red hue with a ruby red edge, the 2002 California Merlot opens with an aroma of toasted-smoky oak and then a quick release of ripe Bing cherry and plum comes to the surface. As the wine continues to breathe, mineral notes and earthy nuances appear. The mouth is remarkably soft for being a young wine and the finish is medium to long with a mouth full of lingering fruit, vanilla and oak to the end.

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