The Italian Adventure

Taste of Tuscany

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Our International Wine Club brings you a complete taste of Italy! This package features three fantastic wines from an artisan winery in Tuscany, Italy in addition to our gourmet Adventure Package. Our Adventure Package will take your international experience to a whole new level with an assortment of exclusively-imported food items from small producers. Use the traditional ingredients in the recipes provided. Taste the ultimate Italian Experience!

The featured Italian wines include:

Caccia al Piano 2015 "Ruit Hora" Super Tuscan
Caccia al Piano 2017 "Grottaia" Vermentino
Caccia al Piano 2014 "Levia Gravia" Super Tuscan

The International Gourmet Adventure Package from Italy includes:
• Pappardellone Pasta - Pappardelle Pasta
• Sugo di Pomodoro all'Aglione - Aglione Tomato Sauce
• Pesto Tradizionale al Basilico - Traditional Basil Pesto
• Cantuccini alla Mandorla - Cantuccini Biscotti with Almonds
• Cond. Aromatizzato al Tartufo Bianco - Aromatic White Truffle Olive Oil

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