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Taste the World!

Enjoy delicious, exclusively-imported wines and artisan foods from Portugal, New Zealand and Germany - all in one package! (Do to limited quantities, some items may be substituted as necessary).

From Portugal:
Paço do Conde 2015 Antão Vaz (white):

This incredible Reserva white wine from Portugal perfectly represents its home in the Alentejo region. Antão Vaz is an indigenous grape varietal that is, for the most part, only found in this region of Portugal. It opens with an exuberant aroma complimented by an elegant palate of citrus with surprising complexity and depth, leaving you with a soft, full-bodied finish.
• Tomato Jam
• Eucalyptus Honey with "Passa" Pear
• Dark Chocolate with Raisins & Brandy

From New Zealand:
Mission Estate 2014 Cabernet Franc:

Cabernet Franc is oftentimes an underrated wine varietal, however, it is recently and rightfully gaining a following. The 2014 Mission Estate Cabernet Franc is from an older vineyard in Hawke's Bay and it's all about big structure, a full body, and robust fruit flavors. Aromas lean towards the dark fruit and spicy oak but also give a floral perfume, which compliments the bold palate. Sweet ripe fruit notes linger on the finish.
• Dried Kiwi Bites
• Steak Sauce
• Lager Vinegar

From Germany:
Epos 2015 Spätsburgunder:

Spätburgunder is the German word for Pinot Noir - "spät" is the German for "late" (the grape ripens in the late fall), and "burgunder" is in reference to the grape originating from Burgundy, France. The Stromberg-Zabergäu 2015 Epos Spätburgunder was hand-harvested and produced in Württemberg, Germany and aged in a large wooden cask for 9 months. Deep and richly in color, this luxurious wine offers a full body with complex fruit flavors that will perfectly accompany hearty meat dishes.
• Gegrillte Aubergine Pesto Sauce
• Scharfe Paprika Hanfkrem Sauce
• Macabre-Pfeffer Meersalz Popcorn

Don't miss out on these outstanding selections! They have made an epic journey from across the world and are waiting just for you.