Reds of the World

International Wine Club Selection

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$228.00 $185.00 per half case

Travel around the world with one combo case! This unique Reds-only combo pack features wines from our International Wine Club, which we exclusively imported directly from small production wineries. Discover wines from not only 3 different countries, but also 3 different continents. Start with 2 red wines from New Zealand, continue with 2 from Chile, and end with 2 from South Africa. And the best part? You'll receive 6 different varietals!

Wines from New Zealand:
• Mission Estate 2014 Pinot Noir
• Mission Estate 2014 Cabernet Franc

Wines from Chile:
• Longaví 2015 Carménère
• Longaví 2015 Malbec

Wines from South Africa:
• Avondale 2009 Syrah
• Avondale 2007 Red Blend

Don't miss your chance to Taste the Adventure with these 6 different varietal reds-only combo pack featuring 3 different countries! You won't find these international wines anywhere else.