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Our Mission & Values

Everyone should have access to amazing wine.

Here at Gold Medal Wine Club, our mission from day 1 has been to directly connect wine enthusiasts across the country with small, family-owned wineries who are producing a variety of high-quality wines. It’s a unique discovery opportunity for both the featured wineries and our wine club members who get this rare chance to try premium wines that are not easily found in their local stores.

This vision has been fulfilled with each and every set of featured wines over the last 30 years!

Within that time frame, we have highlighted over 1,500 different wineries and included over 2,600 different wines from those boutique producers in shipments to our members.

Each year these numbers continue grow as we uncover new wineries and together, uncork even more delicious and captivating wines!

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What Makes Us Different

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Wine Quality

Above all, we know good wine.

We are sticklers when it comes to the quality standards for the wines we select and send out to our members. That means virtually all our wines featured in our six wine clubs have garnered top medals and accolades from major wine competitions or have been highly rated by nationally respected wine reviewers.

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Authenticity & Transparency

The “wine of the month club” concept has taken off in the last ten years - culminating with close to 100 different companies offering wine memberships (excluding winery wine clubs), as of 2021.

But unlike other clubs, we never feature bulk (mass-produced) wines, private labels, or wines with fake-brand names. Every wine in every shipment is from an authentic, family-owned winery - each with a unique story behind their brand.

Transparency is also key when it comes to where these wines originate from. That’s why we include newsletters in each shipment with interviews and details behind the wineries, wines, tasting notes, recipes, and more. These are then reflected on the wineries' profile page on our website, along with a link to the winery’s website, and even a Google maps location, just in case members want to visit themselves.

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Wine Discovery

Part of the fun in joining a wine club is the ability to unbox and uncork lots of different wines - without lifting a finger to find them!

We make sure our club members are discovering new and different wines and wineries with each shipment. Across our 6 memberships, each year we feature wines from over 150 different wineries - each one a true gem and worthy of your attention.

When was the last time you tried a new bottle and thought, "wow!"?

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