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Blueprint Registry Special

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Congratulations are in order!

Your special event is around the corner and you've probably been busy adding items to your Blueprint Registry. But what's a proper celebration without fantastic wine to go with it, or perhaps even a Champagne toast?

Gold Medal Wine Club has partnered with Blueprint Registry to bring customers an exclusive deal on wines to serve at your memorable event. We already offer our wines at discounted prices from what you would find at the winery itself, however, we are offering Blueprint Registry customers even larger discounts when purchasing cases of wine for your special day!

How It Works:

Our pricing discounts are based off of our 6 wine club options. Each wine club offers unique criteria for the wines featured as well as price points, which certainly will not only make for a memorable tasting experience, but also make your budget happy!

To get started, see brief descriptions of the club levels and the discount pricing chart below. Once you select which club(s) fit what you are looking for, fill out and submit the online form and one of our designated Party Planners will contact you shortly to help you with all of the details!

Where do I find my Blueprint Registry Discount Code?

Once you've created your registry on Blueprint Registry and logged into your account you will have access to the discount code located on their Partners page. Simply type it into the section of the web contact form below. You have enough to worry about...let us take care of the wine!

Don't have a Blueprint Registry account yet? Follow the link below and get started planning your next event.

Step 1: Choose Your Wine Club Level

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Click on the chart below for our discount pricing based off of the number of cases ordered by wine club level. You can also see a brief description about our 6 wine of the month clubs beneath the chart. For more information about a specific wine of the month club, please click the link and it will direct you to the wine club's main page.

Gold Wine Club:

Our Gold Club is our largest and most popular monthly wine club featuring superb, award-winning wines from top boutique wineries in California.

Platinum Wine Club:

Only 90+ rated wines are selected for this upper-level wine club. You'll find a variety of ultra-premium wines made by winemakers at the pinnacle of their craft.

International Wine Club:

Have access to rare and fabulous wines from esteemed wine regions around the world! These are small-production wines made by top boutique wineries in their region.

Garagiste Wine Club:

Amazing and truly authentic! These are artisan wine gems that are crafted by independent winemakers in extremely limited quantities. The wines in this wine of the month club are nearly impossible to find outside of the winery itself.

Pinot Noir Wine Club:

If you have a passion for Pinots, look no further. Only the best world-class, small-production Pinot Noirs that have have amazing accolades are chosen to be featured in this monthly wine club.

Diamond Wine Club:

Perfection in a glass with wines awarded 93+ points. These top-tier, luxury-premium wines are for the ultimate wine experience. Some of the best of the best!

How do I know how much wine to order?

Here is a rough guideline to help you decide how much wine you'll need to order for your wedding/event size! These numbers are based off of the assumption that each guest will consume exactly 3 glasses of wine*.

  • 80 Guests: 3.5 Cases

  • 100 Guests: 4.5 Cases

  • 120 Guests: 5 Cases

  • 150 Guests: 6.5 Cases

  • 200 Guests: 8.5 Cases

  • 250 Guests: 10.5 Cases

*There are approximately 6 glass pourings (750ml) per standard bottle of wine.
**Please keep in mind, we are estimating these numbers based on standard 750ml glass pourings.

Step 2: Order Form

Please fill out the sections below and one of our Party Planners will be in contact with you shortly!

A Champagne Toast!

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In addition to the wine, we offer exclusively-imported French Champagne. That's right, you can't get this award-winning Champagne anywhere else. Champagne makes any event that much better, so raise a glass of bubbly and toast to a memorable day.

See our Champagne Special for more information and to order yours today!

Spread the Joy!

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Not only can Gold Medal Wine Club deliver wines and Champagne for you to enjoy during your event, but choose from our 6 Wine of the Month Clubs, Gift Boxes and Wine Accessories for a one-time or ongoing gift!

A Wine Club membership is a thoughtful gift for newlyweds and can be a great way to thank your wedding party. Not to mention as a celebration for other events such as bridal showers, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more.