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Nonna Carli's Gnocchi



Serves Four

1 Pound Russet Potatoes (older and thick skinned
3 to 4 large Egg yolks
1/2 Cup Parmesan, freshly grated
1/4 Teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/2 Teaspoon Grey Sea Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Black Pepper, freshly ground
1 Cup all-purpose Flour, plus more for dusting board and dough
Kosher Sea Salt
Potato Ricer


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Boil potatoes until cooked, drain water and let sit until cool enough to handle, cut in half, and scoop out the flesh.

Pass the potatoes through a potato ricer. You should have about 2 cups. Make a mound of potatoes and create a well in the middle; add 3 egg yolks, the cheese, nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Mix into the potatoes with hands. Sprinkle 1/2 cup of the flour over the potatoes and, using your knuckles, press it into the potatoes. Fold the mass over on itself and press down again. Sprinkle on more flour, little by little, folding and pressing the dough until it just holds together. If the mixture is too dry, add another egg yolk or a little water. To test if the dough is the correct consistency, take a piece and roll it with your hands on a well-floured board into a rope 1/2-inch in diameter. If the dough holds together, it is ready. If not, add more flour, fold and press the dough several more times, until is reaches desired consistency.

Keeping your work surface and the dough lightly floured, cut the dough into 4 pieces. Roll each piece into a rope about a ½ -inch in diameter. Cut into ½ inch-long pieces. Lightly flour the gnocchi as you cut them. Form each ½ inch piece into the classic gnocchi shape rolling it along a gnocchi board (or ridged butter paddle, or the tines of a large fork turned upside down). Rest the bottom edge of the gnocchi board on the work surface, and then tilt it at about a 45◦ angle. Take each piece and squish it lightly with your thumb against the board while simultaneously pushing it away from you. It will roll away and around your thumb, taking on a cupped shape — with ridges on the outer curve from the board and a smooth surface on the inner curve where your thumb was. Lay them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or waxed paper, and lightly dust them with flour, while you work on the rest. Once finished, set gnocchi filled cookie sheet in front of a fan on low for ½ hour turning gnocchi after 15 minutes. You can also freeze the gnocchi.

When ready to cook, bring a large pot of water to a boil and add salt. Drop in the gnocchi and cook for about 90 seconds from the time they rise to the surface. Remove the cooked gnocchi with a skimmer, shake off the excess water, and serve with your favorite marinara sauce.

    Suggested Pairings

  1. Mosby
    2006 Sangiovese
    Santa Ynez Valley
    Santa Barbara County


    Best of Class - Gold Medals
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