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Tom Eddy Wines - Napa Valley

94 Points and two Gold Medals for this wine.

Tom Eddy’s career in the wine business began when he was only fourteen, when his penchant for cooking prompted his parents to persuade him to add wine tastings to dining events at their home.

His father was a banker who had been transferred to Davis, California, home of the iconic UC Davis. One of his father’s friends was a colleague of oenology professor Ralph Kunkee, who ultimately described the wonders of the wine world to a fascinated Tom Eddy. When he graduated from high school, Eddy went immediately to UC Davis and was a classmate of the likes of Tim Mondavi, Michael Martini, Eric Wente and Randy Dunn.

“I guess you could say I was hooked on wine from the beginning,” Eddy related. “After we graduated, I went to work the 1974 harvest for Wente. When it was over, Carl Wente wanted me to stay but there were just too many family members before me and I turned down the job. I asked his help in finding me a job and, thankfully, his efforts were successful.”

Thus began a work odyssey that brought Tom Eddy to practically every wine producing region (and then some) in California. Starting with a large co-op in the south, he worked his way northward toward Napa and Sonoma and finally, at 29, won the job of General Manager/Winemaker at well respected Chateau Souverain in Sonoma. He moved to Christian Brothers in Napa but decided to go it on his own when Christian Brothers was sold to industry giant Heublein in 1989.

“It was a big decision for me at the time,” Eddy recalled, “and many of my friends encouraged me and felt I had the talent to go out on my own.” Eddy helped start and develop a number of top wineries, including Goose Creek in Napa, Kunde in Sonoma, and Pepper Bridge in Walla Walla, Washington. For a while he worked with actor Bill Cosby to attempt to buy a winery, but the deal finally fell through. He also developed a vineyard for San Diego Chargers owner Alex Spanos that will eventually become another winery. While at Goose Greek, he asked permission to begin making his own brand that he simply called Tom Eddy Wines.

“Our first production in 1991 was just 240 cases,” he added. “We were fortunate that the wine was really well received. We have developed rather slowly; in fact we call ourselves the ‘escargociant’ because our development was so very slow.” Eddy feels that maintaining quality is preferable to rapid growth, and has held steadfast to that winemaking philosophy.

Eddy’s wife of twenty-three years, Kerry, is also active in the business in sales, marketing and development. Her family emigrated from Canada in the mid 19th Century and still owns a small winery called Nevada City Winery in the Sierra Foothills.

Tom and Kerry’s desire to unite their families’ history has brought about the evolution of Elodian as part of the Eddy Family Wines portfolio. An Elodian is a sea turtle that was instrumental in Kerry’s family coming to the United States. While becalmed on a Nova Scotia schooner in the Galapagos Islands, the family was forced to eat Elodian Sea Turtles to survive. When the ship and its passengers finally arrived in San Francisco, the turtle meat that was left proved very profitable and allowed the next two generations of Kerry’s early family the means with which to attempt to find gold.

Only a small amount (1200 cases) of the Eddy Family Elodian Cabernet Sauvignon was produced and has already met with huge raves in the national wine press and in active competitions.

Next on Tom Eddy’s plate is the development of a prized piece of property located on coveted Diamond Mountain just above Calistoga. Work has already begun on the property and the caves development will start this summer. The Eddys anticipate utilizing green techniques for the planting and gardens (Kerry is also a master gardener) that will be environmentally friendly and make the new winery proactive in the farming world.

Tom Eddy is a genuinely good guy winemaker that has finally made a big success in the wine world. His legacy, wherever he has gone, was to help produce extremely good wines for whomever he happened to consult. We are delighted Tom Eddy is finally doing it for himself through the Eddy Family of wines and through this month’s Platinum Series selection, Eddy’s Elodian Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy!

  1. Tom Eddy
    2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tom Eddy
    Napa Valley


    94 - CA State Fair Comp
    id: 168