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Steve McIntyre Winery - Monterey County

Just 350 cases produced

In Steve McIntyre’s analogy of the wine business, his position is similar to that of an artist. He fervently believes that the bottle of wine is basically a cumulative experience, consisting of a number of different components. He includes growing and processing as the most important rudiments in his equation and also, several lesser elements. In his scenario, someone must mesh all the parts together in much the same fashion that an artist blends together his oils and canvas. In McIntrye’s opinion, the Winemaker occupies such a position in the wine industry.

Steve McIntyre grew up in Ventura County, where his family made its living as growers in the citrus and avocado business. Steve felt the calling of the land early and received his masters in Enology from California State University Fresno back in 1982. He moved to Monterey County and immediately perceived a need for a company that focused its attention on viticultural management and development. He formed such a company, Monterey Pacific (a great name for a railroad) and initially contracted to oversee 432 acres. Today, Monterey Pacific has grown dramatically and handles over 7,000 acres of vineyards, and is considered one of the predominant companies of its type in California.

Steve McIntyre’s need for self expression manifested itself from home wine making as his company expanded until a time about five years ago when he decided to attempt to produce wine commercially. In 1998, he enlisted his wife Kimberly to help with the marketing of the future product (her people skills as a dental hygienist came in very handy). He next contracted with consulting Winemaker Barry Jackson to produce the first McIntyre Vineyards Merlot, a project that totaled 350 cases that carried a Central Coast appellation.

Steve McIntyre also holds the distinction of being one of a tiny number of Scots that have a stake in California’s wine industry. The fact that he is in the minority doesn’t bother him a bit.

“I genuinely love growing grapes and making wine,” he commented. “I’ve always felt that selling it is the necessary evil.”

McIntyre also credits a number of other winemakers with helping him realize his dream of producing his own wines on a commercial basis. Through his vineyard management company’s interactions with a number of high profile, successful operations, he has gleaned a great deal of insider’s knowledge. He credits Heather Pyle and Ken Schivers from Robert Mondavi, among others for helping him during the developmental stage of McIntyre Vineyards.

“There were a million questions I had and a number of ways to proceed,” he added. “A number of people were there for me when I needed them. In the end, it was something of a team effort.”

The first releases of McIntyre were actually produced at Solis Winery in Gilroy, but Steve McIntyre’s plans for the future are already taking shape. He will finish a wine processing facility in King City sometime in early 2002 where he will also do a great deal of custom work for a number of his present vineyard clients.

A little further down the road (possibly in 2003 or 2004), Steve McIntyre envisions a winery location with retail accompaniment. He has a spot picked out in Gonzales in close proximity to both Morgan Winery and Robert Talbott Winery, where his McIntyre Vineyards wines could get more exposure to the general public. McIntyre projects a little over 2,000 cases of all his wines (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Merlot) for the calendar year 2001, with gradual increases as circumstances warrant.

If the 1998 McIntyre Vineyards Merlot is any indication, Steve McIntyre’s future wines will met with great critical and commercial acclaim. It is Gold Medal Wine Club’s pleasure to introduce them to our Platinum Members.