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Renteria Wines - Napa Valley

Platinum Plus! selection - 92 Points, Gold Medal winner - 300 cases produced

One of the great Mexican-American success stories is that of Salvador Renteria, the heart and soul behind this month’s Platinum Plus! feature of Renteria Wines.

His story is one of innovation, hard work, and serious love of the land. It is a journey that began in 1962 and today comes full circle, as his son Oscar continues the Renteria family tradition as one of Napa Valley’s most respected and sought after winegrowers. Salvador is a Mexican immigrant who came to California in the 1960’s, tempted by the endless opportunities the state had to offer.

Once taking a job as a field laborer at Sterling Vineyards, Salvador fell in love with the wine grape growing culture, and took a special interest in vineyard trials for optimizing technical aspects of vineyards. His talents were quickly recognized, and not only did he become a vineyard supervisor at Sterling, but he was approached by a number of wineries to oversee their own vineyards as well.

By 1987, Salvador had started his own vineyard management company (Renteria Vineyard Management), one of the first Mexican owned vineyard management companies in Napa Valley and today, one of the largest in the industry. In 1993, Salvador’s son Oscar took over the reins of the company and made Renteria Wines a reality just four short years later.

The small family winery produces just 2,000 cases each year of ultra premium wines, and has undoubtedly become a special addition to the northern California wine culture. Enjoy!

  1. Renteria
    2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
    Shooting Star Vineyard
    Napa Valley


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