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Martellotto Wines - PLUS!

The outlook seems bright for Greg Martellotto and his fine wines

The odyssey that would become the basis for Martellotto (pronounced Mar-tell-o-toe) Wines first began when owner Greg Martellotto was still a student a Jesuit High School in Dallas. The young man was drawn to cooking and food and even produced dinner parties while still a student. Martellotto had always planned to become a medical doctor and his further education took him to California. At Palo Alto’s renowned Stanford University, he received a biology degree and managed a restaurant. The combination of food and wine was simply too much for him and the graduate took a three-year world excursion before finally returning to California. During his hiatus, he managed to taste many of the world’s great wines and sample a number of the planet’s leading cuisines. He was now 27, and the ten-year prospect of medical school seemed implausible. He turned instead to the wine industry and concentrated his efforts
in founding a wine entity that covered his varying expertise. The resultant company, Martellotto Wines, is our Gold Series Plus! feature this month.

Martellotto Wines first saw the light of day in 2005 with a limited release of only 2,000 cases. It has since grown to around 6,000 cases with the prospect of becoming a good deal larger in the future. Greg Martellotto is also the main winemaker for his operation and credits his degrees in biology and chemistry for helping him produce such excellent results in his wines. He looks forward to opening its new winery facility in Buellton that will offer state-of-the-art winemaking equipment and an inviting tasting room that will give his customers more accessibility.

Greg has also maintained the ties with his old Jesuit education. Profits from the sales of some of Martellotto’s wines go directly to a charity project called Learn Belize that benefits an elementary school in Belize’s third largest city of Dangriga. It is a rewarding experience and Greg is proud to be a part of it.

The outlook seems extremely bright for Greg Martellotto and his portfolio of fine wines. He brings a unique approach and great vitality to a traditional and time honored business. We are sure you will be hearing more of him in the future.

  1. Martellotto
    2012 Pinot Grigio
    PLUS! selection Piro Piro Piccollo
    Santa Barbara County


    92 - CC Wine Competition
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