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Keller Estate

A boutique winery producing captivating, honorable wines

While driving through the meandering Sonoma County roads more than 20 years ago, Arturo Keller stumbled upon a piece of property peering over the Petaluma River with a stunning view and expansive terrain. The ranch, with its majestic panorama, bountiful wildlife and acres of open space, would later become the spectacular destination for Keller Estate.

Arturo Keller, a passionate antique car collector from Mexico, was initially drawn to Sonoma’s Petaluma region by the miles of scenic country roads on which he could practice some non-professional race car driving of his own. He purchased the 50-acre Petaluma property in 1982 and built a paved road weaving throughout the site to serve as his own miniature race course.

For years, the site consisted of a large car showroom in which Keller kept his valuable collection of vintage and classic race cars, most from pre-World War II, including an 1898 Benz. To add some landscaping appeal to the property, Keller took a suggestion from neighbors and a recommendation from nearby UC Davis to plant a vineyard. He decided on 20 acres of Chardonnay, and in 1989 named the vineyard La Cruz after his Mexican heritage.

Over time, he added more acreage to include Pinot Noir and began making wine for family and friends. The wines were extremely well received, and Keller discovered that the vineyard’s unique terrior produced rich, aromatic wines that he wanted to share with the rest of the world.

Keller called his youngest daughter, Ana, who studied Chemistry at the University of Mexico, and invited her to join in his new wine venture. Ana’s educational background and respect for terrior would prove to be an extremely beneficial addition to Keller Estate.

Ana and her father released the first Keller Estate vintage in 2001, of just under 2,000 cases of Estate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The label design on these wines displayed the Keller Family Crest, which has been a part of the family for generations and actually originated in Switzerland. The key depicted in the center of the crest represents the cellar master’s key, as he is the guardian to the cellar.

The name Keller Estate also pays homage to the Keller family’s Swiss heritage, since the word ‘keller’ is cellar in German. Since that initial release, the Kellers have considered their wines works of art, designed by their terrior and their vineyards. To incorporate this philosophy into their workplace, the family set out to build a state-of-the-art winery that was equally functional, elegant and spacious.

“We wanted to create a winery that would make people think of art when they visit,” explained Ana.
And they have certainly succeeded in that. Designed by Pritzker award-winning architect and family friend, Ricardo Legorreta, the Keller Estate Winery was constructed out of limestone quarried from the beds of the Yangtze River and features a gravity flow system that ensures gentle winemaking practices, allowing the true nature of the varietals to shine through.

“We try to find the right balance so we can showcase the beautiful aromas and expressive flavors our wines are naturally blessed with,” Ana translated. “We’ve learned that the most important task, and sometimes the most difficult one, is to do nothing. Nothing but respect the fruit, the vineyard, and the wines themselves.”

The Kellers are recently joined by winemaker Alex Holman, whose award-winning wines are known throughout the state. Alex’s minimalist style combined with a chemistry background have proven to be a winning combination, and he looks forward to taking Keller Estate’s wines to the next level.

To further promote the team’s interest and respect for the environment, Keller Estate completed the California Sustainable Wine-growing Alliance’s Sustainable Wine-growing Program. The winery now utilizes a natural water source, promotes local wildlife to live on the property, and is home to thousands of newly planted trees.

At an annual production level of just 7,000 to 8,000 cases, this boutique winery continues to release captivating, honorable wines and is truly an inspiring achievement. As Ana has simply stated, “We want to create a legacy that can be continuously maintained for generations to come.”

  1. Keller Estate
    2010 Proprietary Red Blend
    Keller Estate


    92 - Wine Spectator
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Ana and Arturo Keller, owners

Dear Platinum Series Members,

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the inaugural vintage of the Rôtie, Northern Rhône blend! Rotie pays homage to Côte Rôtie, the northernmost appellation of the Rhône Valley in France. Côte Rôtie is famously translated to “the roasted slope,” referring to the long hours of sunlight that grapes receive on these steep slopes. We created our Rôtie according to the same appellation rules; co-fermentation of Syrah and a maximum of 20% Viognier (ours having 5%) in the same tank. The earthy characteristics of Syrah are naturally balanced out by the natural floral notes in Viognier, leaving you with a brighter, more aromatic version of our La Cruz Syrah.

This traditional blend combined with sustainable farming practices creates a wine that is powerful, yet elegant. Soft floral notes penetrate through the minerality on the nose with hints of exotic spices. The palate reveals dark fruit dominated by blackberries and plums, finishing with velvety tannins on a long, smooth finish. Our goal at Keller Estate is to produce wines exclusively from fruit grown on our family run estate. Our unique micro-climate in the Petaluma Gap provides a cool climate that allows for a more restrained, elegant style Syrah. We believe that wines like our Rôtie are a wonderful representation of what Syrah-based wines from Sonoma should be. Keller Estate invites you to enjoy the 2010 Rôtie with a variety of red meats or wild game, or simply by itself. No matter how you enjoy this wine, we trust it will be a memorable experience.

Ana Keller
Keller Estate