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Welcome to Gold Medal Wine Club. America's Leading Independent Wine Club since 1992. Celebrating 20+ Years!
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Falcor Wines - Napa Valley

Platinum Plus Selection - 91 Points Connoisseurs†Guide

Two Charleston lawyers have gone from winning law cases to winning wine cases. Michael Bee and James Peterson, friends and law partners from South Carolina, embarked on a journey in the mid-1990’s that turned a passion for fine wine into more than just a happy hour hobby. The duo paired up with veteran Napa Valley winemaker Ray Coursen, who is recognized by most people as one of the top five winemakers in California, and produced their first vintage of Chardonnay in 1996. Good fortune continued to follow their hard work, and Peterson and Bee decided to call their wine Falcor, after the mythical beast in The Never-Ending Story who flew a little boy to an imaginative life of excitement and joy. Jim Peterson and Michael Bee are hardly little boys, but they did partake on a journey to make real something they’d only imagined, and they’ve had remarkable results. After their 1999 Chardonnay was awarded 93 Points by Wine Spectator, making it the second-best Chardonnay in that vintage year, the Falcor team knew they had hit a major milestone and they’ve been releasing exceptional, award-winning vintages ever since.