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Collier Falls Winery - Alexander Valley - Sonoma

Three time Gold Medal winner - an excellent Estate wine.

Many people believe one of the ultimate possible career paths is that of the Hollywood producer. Such an occupation involves glittering projects, interaction with stars and personalities and some of the most challenging management problems that could possibly be imagined. A person who can lay claim to such a job description is Barry Collier, formerly of Los Angeles and London and more recently a resident of Sonoma County in Northern California. Collier’s credits involve more than fifty films and numerous commercials that were started as early as 1983. Prior to that, he was involved with a company called Ronco, the company that produced a number of wacky gadgets including the smokeless ashtray, the record vacuum, the miracle broom and the never to be forgotten battery-operated sewing machine. In London, the company became a producer of albums that were compilations of the greatest hits. Included was the London Philharmonic Orchestra that did an album called Classical Gold that was a best seller. Collier, along with his late wife Susan, started looking for property in 1992, not only in Napa Valley but also in Sonoma and other plausible locations. The process was slow and produced little success. Each time they found a property they liked, the red-hot real estate market dictated it was gone before the Colliers were able to act. Finally, Susan Collier suggested they sell their Los Angeles area home and at least have the money ready if they found something plausible to buy.

Susan also suggested she stay in Sonoma and get her viticultural degree while Barry would return to the film production business that had done so well for them. He could make the trip up north monthly and continue the process of locating a desirable property. In December of 1996, a piece of land in the Dry Creek Area that was owned by the prestigious Ferrari-Carano Winery suddenly became available. Barry Collier literally jumped at the chance and bought the 100 acres that included eight acres under vine and a cabin built in 1929. The first release of Collier Falls was produced from the legendary 1997 vintage that followed the Colliers’ purchase of the property.

“We actually sold almost 80% of the fruit we produced during the first three years,” Collier added. “The remainder we made into our first wines (500 cases), which we were able to designate estate bottled. It was nice that everyone appreciated our first releases.” Appreciated would be a gross understatement. The critics and periodicals went wild, awarding extremely high marks to the first public wines of Collier Falls Winery. For the record, Collier Falls is derived from the fact that a 60-foot waterfall that runs throughout the year is the dominant feature of the Dry Creek Property. The falls feeds a creek (Fall Creek) on Collier’s land that eventually empties into Dry Creek and thence to the Russian River itself. Part of the creek system also involves a steelhead trout run that is federally protected. Have all these changes affected the life of Barry Collier? Are there any regrets?

“No, there are no regrets,” admitted Barry Collier. “The thirteen years I spent making movies were a real treat, but what I am doing now is a gift. My sons Joshua and Adam love the winery as much as I do and might even possibly help me run it sometime in the future.”

“I have grown to love the peace and tranquility,” he offered. “It is definitely a world apart from what I experienced in Hollywood. In Sonoma there is neither phoniness nor pretentiousness. Everything is basically as it is. What you see is what you get and so on. I am much more comfortable with the entire environment.” Collier Falls has planted additional acreage that brings the total under plant to twenty-six. When the new plantings reach fruition, Barry Collier thinks he will be able to realize another dream, that of being a completely estate producing winery.

“I have set a realistic goal of around 3,000 cases for Collier Falls Winery,” he concluded. “Most of it will be Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a small amount of Petit Syrah. And yes, we make a marvelous Zinfandel Port that’s among the finest in the entire state if I’m allowed to editorialize a bit.” All things considered, Collier can do as he pleases. He has gone from one successful career to another, one that possesses tremendous upside. Could anyone ask for more?

  1. Collier Falls
    2001 Cabernet Sauvignon
    Collier Falls
    Alexander Valley


    Multiple Gold Medals
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