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Shelly’s Mushroom Risotto with Fresh Baby Green Salad

Featured by Silk Oak Vineyards in the Gold Wine Club.
Shelly’s Mushroom Risotto with Fresh Baby Green Salad


Finally a simple risotto recipe! The mushrooms add amazing flavor and the fresh baby green salad is a great compliment to the warm rice dish. Enjoy with a glass (or two!) of Chardonnay.

Yield: 6
Prep Time: 12 Minutes
Cook Time: 35 Minutes


• 2 ½ cups of Arborio rice
• 3 ½ cups of chicken stock/broth
• 4 cloves of crushed garlic
• 2 shallots diced fine
• 3 tbsp. Italian parsley chopped fine
• 3 tbsp. unsalted butter
• 3 tbsp. olive oil
• 2 ounces of dried Porcini mushrooms
• 1 cup grated Asiago cheese
• ½ cup heavy cream
• 1 cup fresh English peas
• 1 cup Silk Oak Chardonnay (or another Chardonnay)
• Salt and pepper to taste


Place porcini mushrooms in 1 cup of boiled water. Set aside.

In a shallow large skillet, brown parsley, garlic, shallots, butter, and olive oil. Add Arborio rice. Toast slightly. Add 1 cup of chicken stock at a time, waiting for each to reduce before continuing to add. Stir occasionally.

After all the chicken stock is evaporated, add porcini mushrooms and water they’ve been soaking in. Add English peas and Silk Oak Chardonnay. Simmer until liquid is dissolved. Add the heavy cream, asiago cheese, and salt and pepper to taste.

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