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Quivira Vineyard's Grilled New York Strip Steaks

Featured by Quivira Vineyards & Winery in the Gold Wine Club.
Quivira Vineyard's Grilled New York Strip Steaks


Outstanding charcoal-grilled strip steaks topped with a dollop of Gorgonzola cheese and butter. Serve over a bed of roasted potatoes or root vegetables and pour a glass of Quivira's Cabernet Cuvée.

Yield: Your preference on steak size
Prep Time: 40 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes


• New York Strip Steaks
• 1/3 Cup Extra Virgin olive oil
• Gorgonzola cheese
• Butter
• Fresh ground black pepper and salt
• 1/3 Cup Quivira World Champion 1989 Cabernet Cuvée (the more the better!)


Roll steak in crushed black pepper and a small amount of salt, then marinate it in a mixture of 1/3 cup olive oil and 1/3 cup Cabernet Cuvée, for at least 30 minutes.

Prepare the topping for cooked steak:
Combine Gorgonzola with butter in a 1:1 mixture. Leave at room temperature. Start the charcoal fire and let it burn down to medium heat. Grill steaks.

Place dollops of gorgonzola butter on top of steak and serve with lots of Quivira Cabernet Cuvée!

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