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Quivira Grilled Fish Marinated in Quivira Sauvignon Blanc

Featured by Quivira Vineyards & Winery in the Gold Wine Club.
Quivira Grilled Fish Marinated in Quivira Sauvignon Blanc


Amazingly tender fish prepared on the grill and smoked until flakey. Serve with your favorite vegetables and a bottle of Quivira Sauvignon Blanc!

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cook Time: 35 Minutes


• 2-3 pounds of fresh Salmon, Swordfish or Halibut steaks
• Fresh Parsley - chopped
• Garlic (3-4 cloves, depending on your taste) - chopped
• 1/2 jar of Capers
• Olive Oil
• Butter
• Quivira Sauvignon Blanc


Pour yourself a glass of Quivira Sauvignon Blanc. Just before lighting the coals, prepare the marinade as follows:

Sauté the chopped parsley and garlic in a little butter and olive oil with the capers. When the garlic is soft, add some Sauvignon Blanc and pour the marinade of the fish so that it is covered.

While the fish is marinating, prepare the fire. Pile the charcoal briquets on one side of the grill and burn until the coals glow and a gray ash forms. Set a drip pan opposite the coals. Set the frill rack in place. Quickly remove the fish from the marinade and place on the grill over the drip pan. Immediately cover the frill tightly, leaving one or two vents open.

Finish your glass of wine. Cook the fish until it flakes, about 8 minutes per pound. By now you surely must need to open the next bottle of Quivira Sauvignon Blanc to serve to your guests with your fabulous smoked fish!

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