Fire-Roasted Green Chiles Sauce

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Fire-Roasted Green Chiles Sauce


Here's a real traditional recipe for our International Wine Club members to share. Be creative and enjoy with a glass of your favorite Tempranillo!

Yield: 16 ounces or so
Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cook Time: 0 Minutes
Serving Size: you decide


•Mild Green Chiles - dozen or more
•Extra Virgin Olive Oil
•Hand-full grilled Green Onions
•Some fresh Oregano
•Squeeze of fresh Lime to taste


This is one of those recipes where simplicity rules. Mild green Chiles are fire-roasted, peeled, then chopped and mixed with grilled green onions, salt, a bit of oregano, oil and a squeeze of lime. The key, though, is serving this sauce on top of a perfect charcoal-grilled steak, chicken breast or chop, letting the fire-kissed flavors dance merrily together. (I also like keeping this chunky sauce around for adding to quesadillas, nachos, tortillas and salads.)

Look for long, slender fresh green Chiles, about 6 inches long, known as New Mexican Chiles. If not available, substitute Anaheim Chiles, which look similar but are milder and grassier in flavor. (In a pinch, you can achieve a similar effect using roasted, canned green Chiles, but it won't be the same.)

Tip: If you're going to take the time to fire-roast and peel Chiles (and you should!), go ahead and prepare as many as your grill can handle. After peeling and seeding, freeze the prepared Chiles in zipper bags, a few Chiles per bag, so you can add them to any dish at a moment's notice. The taste is far superior to canned Chiles, and many a winter meal in my house has come together instantly with just thawed roasted chiles, cheese and tortillas.

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