Crab Cakes with Lime Ginger Sauce

Featured by NADIA Winery in the Gold Wine Club.


Crab Cakes:
½ - ¾ cup finely diced celery
½ large red onion, finely chopped
1 large red bell pepper, finely diced
3 cups cooked Dungeness crab meat, (large can) well drained and picked over
2 eggs
1 cup mayonnaise
Juice of ½ lemon
1 tsp. White Worcestershire Sauce
Dash of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
1 Tbs. minced fresh chives (or green onion tops)
1 tsp. minced fresh thyme
1 tsp. minced fresh garlic
1 Tbs. minced fresh parsley
Fresh ground salt and pepper
1 ½ (+/-) cups panko crumbs

Lime Ginger Sauce:
1 cup sake
¼ cup fresh or bottled lime juice
1/3 cup white wine vinegar
1 Tbs. minced fresh ginger
1 Tbs. minced fresh garlic
½ cup heavy cream
1 ½ sticks cold unsalted butter
¼+ cup Thai Sweet Chili Sauce


For the Crab Cakes:

Mix all ingredients together and form a small scoop about 1 – 1 ½” thick and about 2 ½” around. Refrigerate overnight in an airtight container, layered between pieces of wax paper. Place crab cakes on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Flip, bottoms should be browned, and cook on other side for an additional 15-20 minutes. Serve immediately.

For the Lime Ginger Sauce:

In a heavy saucepan over medium heat, combine sake, lime juice, vinegar, ginger, and garlic and bring to a boil. Reduce by 90% to a light syrup. Add cream and reduce by 60%. Reduce heat to low and gradually whisk in the cold butter. Whisk in chili sauce. Salt and pepper to taste.

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