Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with WWW Original Spicy Sweet Blacksauce

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Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with WWW Original Spicy Sweet Blacksauce


Use any of your Wild West Worcester Hot Sauce Sachets for this recipe and you will certainly be ordering a full bottle! Amazing and unique flavors from the hot sauces add just the right amount of heat without sacrificing taste. Try pairing your chicken with the Mission Estate 2014 Pinot Noir.

Yield: 5
Prep Time: 25 Minutes
Cook Time: 40 Minutes


• 5x Chicken boneless, skinless thighs
• 5x Bacon rashers
• 1x red onion
• Sundried tomato pesto
• 1 Packet of WWW Original Spicy Sweet Blacksauce, or if you want it hot use the Hot Chilli Sweet Blacksauce or if you want it flaming go with the Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. (Featured New Zealand Adventure Package items!)
• Cherry tomatoes


1. Slice the red onion and place in an medium size oven dish.

2. Place a teaspoon full of pesto in the open chicken thigh, wrap with bacon around to close up and place on top of onions. Do that to all of the chicken pieces.

3. With a pastry brush rub the WWW Original Spicy Sweet Blacksauce all over the bacon and chicken.

4. Slice cherry tomatoes and place in another oven dish and season: Place both of these in a moderate oven and bake until cooked.

5. Baste the chicken with the WWW Original Spicy Sweet Blacksauce every 15 mins while its cooking to get a nice glaze.

6. Serve with cooked kumara and broccoli or greens of your choice.

*Remember to put a spoon or 2 of the nice juice from the chicken/bacon/onion/Wild West sauce over the chicken and mashed kumara.

Recipe sourced from Wild West Worcester (, the Artisan Company behind the 3 hot sauces featured in our New Zealand Adventure Package.

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