Cast-Iron Seared Garlic Rosemary Filet Mignon and Cauliflower Mashers

A featured Wine Club recipe for Cardella Winery.
Cast-Iron Seared Garlic Rosemary Filet Mignon and Cauliflower Mashers


Pair these juicy steaks with the Cardella Sangiovese, Barbera, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Sauvignon

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 25 Minutes
Cook Time: 10 Minutes
Serving Size: 1 fillet


For the Filet:
• 4 filet mignons (6-8 oz. size)
• Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
• Garlic and onion powder
• 1/2 stick of butter (Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter)
• Fresh rosemary
• 3 cloves of garlic, crushed

For the Cauliflower Mashers:
• 1 1/2 heads of cauliflower
• 6 cloves garlic
• 1/2 stick of butter (Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter)
• 1 pack of cream cheese (room temperature)
• Garlic salt and freshly ground pepper
• Fresh parsley


For the Cauliflower Mashers: Remove florets from 1 1/2 heads of cauliflower. Place the florets in a pot and steam until soft, using a steamer basket (you can boil florets as well, but you will need to drain florets with a cheese cloth to remove all moisture). Place garlic cloves in foil with olive oil and roast in oven or on stove top over an open flame for 10-15 minutes. Once the florets are soft to touch, (test with a fork) remove from the stove top and place in a strainer.

In the same pot, add butter, garlic salt and pepper. Cook on low to melt butter down. Add the cream cheese (room temperature) and stir until chunks are mixed well. Add the cauliflower along with the roasted garlic, and using an immersion blender, blend all ingredients together until smooth. Add seasonings to taste. Finely chop parsley and garnish when served.

For the Filets: Season the filets with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Let rest for 15 minutes. Preheat the oven to 415 degrees. Add olive oil to the cast iron skillet. Heat the skillet with oil on high heat (skillet needs to be sear-ready). Sear filets for 2 minutes on each side. We want to achieve a nice crust on each side! Remove filets from the stop top and place in the oven for desired temperature (4-5 min. for medium rare (125-130 degrees), 5-6 mi. for medium (135-140 degrees), and we don’t go past medium!

Remove the filets from the oven and add butter, garlic and rosemary to the skillet. Remove skins from the garlic and crush before adding. Baste the filets with mixture of garlic, rosemary and butter with a large spoon. Let rest for 5 minutes, then serve over a bed of cauliflower mashers. Enjoy!

Recipe provided by Cardella Winery.