YOU be the Judge; it might get you a bonus half case!

Its often very helpful to read the tasting notes of the pro's. It gives a sense, to those who don't know much about wine tasting, about what might be found inside the bouquet, flavor and structure of a wine. Alternatively, it offers another view for those who do know their way around a bottle.  And, it gives a certain objective scale for a relatively subjective subject. But the bottom line boils down to this: YOU, the person tasting, are going to be the ultimate judge about what is pleasing to your pallet.  And we want to know about it!

For this reason, there is a section on our website that allows you to be the judge! We want to know about your experience and how bottles you receive compare with your expectation of a great wine.  You'll select ratings based on Appearance, Aroma, Body, Flavor and Texture.

And here's the best part, just by filling out this simple form, you're automatically entered to win our quarterly drawing for a bonus half case of wine!

We'll take the results each month and post them in our newsletter.  If we happen to publish your comments, we'll even send you a complimentary gift.

Here's how the wine club members rated some of our recent selections from Viansa Winery & Marketplace:

Viansa 2005 Sempre Avanti : 96% GOLD, 3% SILVER, 1% BRONZE

Viansa 2006 "Vittoria" Pinot Grigio : 93% GOLD, 4% SILVER, 3% BRONZE

Have fun with this, happy tasting, and check back next month for more results from our members!!