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Wines for the Winter

Sienna Serrao

While it might not “officially” be winter yet, many of us are embracing the holiday spirit as much as we can this year. With the temperatures cooling down, lets not kid ourselves, a glass of nice wine by the fire place, while being wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket sounds heavenly!

So, when preparing for your cozy wine night in, which wine should you reach for?

Two white wine glasses in shallow snow

While many think wintertime means they should reach for reds, this isn’t always necessarily true. There are incredible white wines as well as red to enjoy during the colder months. Of course, these wont be the same light, bright, and fruity wines you drank poolside all summer whether it be red or white. This time around you will want to search for warming wines, perhaps with darker fruit flavors and notes of wintery herb spices.

Another thing to remember and consider in the winter months, and throughout the holiday season is that the meals made and served are heavier in comparison to summer months. While just a few months ago you may have been enjoying a glass of fruity sangria with your refreshing green salad, now is the time to indulge in a hearty Zinfandel with your rich Prime Rib and mashed potato dinner.

Need help deciding which reds or whites are great for this time of the year? We’re here to help with that!

Great Winter Reds

Cabernet Sauvignon

Some Wonderful Winter Whites


two people chinking red wine glasses in the snowOf course some of these come in beautiful summery forms, but make sure to look for bottles with delicious dark fruits, notes of wintery spices, and one that can handle a rich and hearty meal.

Enjoy your cozy winter wine nights and don’t forget that a Gold Medal Wine Club shipment or membership would make a fantastic gift under the tree!