Don't Let the Screwcap Fool You

Study after study has shown that screw-caps are a superior closure to traditional corks.


Because cork closures make wines susceptible to oxidation and TCA, the chemical compound that creates the wine flaw known as "cork taint". Both conditions are bad news to wineries, particularly when it is reported that up to 5% of all wines using cork closures are flawed in this manner.

Many are hesitant to break tradition and use the screwcap because consumers have grown accustomed to the 'romance' of popping a cork. But even one of the industry leading publications, Wine Spectator has encouraged wine makers to buck tradition, "For wines meant to be drunk in a year or two, use screw caps; save the best-quality cork for top wines with aging potential."

The screw cap does not dictate the quality of the wine any more than the bottle itself does. The fruit, terroir and winemaking input determine that.

You will notice that this month's Gold Wine Club selections from Tiera Winery have screwcaps. You will see for yourself that the screwcap is only a closure-and a good one at that!