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Forget Hump Day, it's Wine Wednesday!

Sienna Serrao

The best day of the week is finally back, Wine Wednesday, or as we like to call it Winesday! So we know that Wine Wednesday is well-known and well-loved by many around the world, but there may be more data and reason to this reoccurring mid-week indulgence than we thought.

When Does Wine Wednesday Start?

According to research done by Australian wine bottler, Cobevco, Wednesday night around 6:55pm is the average time people around the world feel comfortable grabbing a wine glass, plopping on the couch, and pouring themselves a glass of their favorite wine. For men, the sooner they get to their wine, the sooner Wine Wednesday begins, usually corking their bottle at 6:40pm. Women on the other hand generally start about a half hour later, at 7:10pm, which gives them time to switch into comfy clothes, take a moment to relax, and enjoy their first glass with dinner.

Though this beloved Wednesday tradition begins at slightly different times, about 75% of participants acknowledged that they prefer partaking in the wine night in the comfort of their own home rather than at bars or wineries. However, the other 25% or so may be found at a Wine Down Wednesday, which is a happy hour, usually from 5pm to 7pm, with half priced wine and appetizers, and a band playing live music. In fact, lots of places offer Wednesday wine specials such as half off bottles or half-priced glasses. Whether you decide to do Wine Wednesdays alone or with a group of friends remember that the best glass is a full glass!

Wednesdays as a whole are said to mark that the hard part of the week is over, and acknowledge that you deserve a treat. This is the day of the week to begin unwinding in preparation for the fun weekend that is now in arms reach.

Health Benefits of Wine Wednesday

Along with being good for your soul and sanity, participating in Wine Wednesday has its own health benefits. Taking this relaxing night for yourself each week and consuming some wine can aid in improving memory function, weight control, and even boost your immunity. So be sure to always keep a bottle of wine in the house for those special occasions, you know, like Wednesdays.

Happy Wine Wednesday and congratulations for making it through the bulk of the week, it’s all downhill from here, and the weekend is right around the corner, so go reward yourself with a nice glass of wine...or two...or the bottle!

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