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Wine and Spa: The Royal Treatment

Meghan Fitzgerald

Keep Calm and Drink Wine

We’ve all heard that one, right?

Sound advice as far as this writer is concerned, and I believe there are more than a few members of the audience out there who would agree.

For me, drinking wine is the easy part, but what about keeping calm? Achieving the serenity of pure relaxation… Now that’s a bit harder.

A trip to the spa is always a good option, but us oenophiles need more than just a day spa with wine on the side to achieve pure bliss. We deserve a trip to a wine spa!

What is a Wine Spa?

woman looking out at a view from a pool

If you aren’t yet acquainted with the little enological oasis known as the wine spa, it is my pleasure to introduce you. As the name indicates, a wine spa is a spa by definition, but with one quirky caveat.


Some to drink, of course, but at the wine spa, a 6-ounce glass is more of an added bonus than the primary purpose for your visit.

Why settle for a glass of wine when you could have enough of the enological elixir to fill a bath? Similarly, why be content with the taste and feel of wine over your tongue when you could get the full-body experience?

Be warned, it’s near impossible to sign up for all of the wine and spa packages available, so I recommend carving out a day - or two - to take full advantage of the amenities offered.

I suspect no one will object to a multi-day spa and wine retreat.

How to get comfortable with a wine spa for the first time

Unlike hip-hugger jeans or horizontal stripes, wine looks good on everyone. Just think of the wine spa as the most glamorous dressing room you’ve ever stepped inside where everything looks and feels great.

Before taking the proverbial leap, take a moment to embrace the familiar and enjoy your preferred glass accompanied by a selection of lite bites, a common courtesy extended to guests of the wine spa. The wine is often a variety and vintage considered the ‘house wine’ of the spa and the tasty accompaniments consist of an arrangement of options that complement the wine, such as cured meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, and fruits.

If you think a glass of wine paired with a charcuterie board already makes for a satisfying experience, it is only a taste of the decadence that awaits you.

What are the benefits of going to a wine spa?

Grapeseed oil

If you’ve read any of the other blog articles on our site, you have likely come across one or two highlighting the health benefits that a glass of wine has to offer, including collagen restoration and pore cleansing, both of which contribute to the improved look and feel of your skin.

Guess what?

You can achieve these very same benefits from the treatments unique to the wine spa without lifting a finger - or a hand or an arm - to do it!

Not completely on-board yet?

I suggest you scrub those doubts away with an exfoliant derived from viniferous, or wine-bound, grapeseed. The treatment is intended to remove dead skin and repair skin damaged due to aging and overexposure to the elements.

The wine mud wrap coats your body in a soothing layer of rejuvenating antioxidants, working to stimulate cell reproduction and hydrate dry skin in an effort to slow and, in some cases, reverse the adverse effects inevitably caused by aging.

Interested in turning the clock back a bit further?

Bath at a spa with wineSubmerse yourself in a bath that not only provides refreshment, but rejuvenation as well. This age-defying pool of revitalization is known as the wine bath, a standard treatment offered at any spa which dares to include the word ‘wine’ in their title.

Wine isn’t the only enological wonder this bath has to offer either.

Luxuriate in a soak which includes everything from wine leaf extract and Champagne, to crushed grape seeds, all of which offer an array of antioxidants that provide cell protection, collagen restoration, damage repair, and ultimately healthier looking skin.

Expectations having been established, laced as always with a hint of surprise and a dash of the novel, it’s time to pack your bags, grab a friend (or enjoy the alone time) and disappear for the weekend to any one of the following wine spa destinations.

Satisfaction - not to mention wine - guaranteed.

Wine Spa Recommendations

From California’s Napa Valley, to the more exotic options in Italy or Japan, the wine spa seems to be something everyone can agree is a chance to take and a visit to make.

So, take a chance and make a visit to any one of these destinations for an experience wholly unique and holistically healing.

  1. The Meritage Resort and Spa, Napa, California
  2. Cal-a-Vie, San Diego, California
  3. Suncadia Resort, Cle Elum, Washington
  4. Belmond Castello Di Casole, Tuscany, Italy
  5. Yunessun Spa Resort, Hakone, Japan

Spa Gift Baskets with Wine

Looking to stay in and enjoy the pleasures of a spa day at home?

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The best part of ordering a spa basket online?

The spa comes to you! Order yours today and you’ll be relaxing in no time.


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Author Bio: Meghan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald is a recent graduate of enology and viticulture from the Institute for Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla Washington and currently works as a contributing author for the wine marketing industry with a focus in content writing. She continues to write feature pieces for Gold Medal Wine Club as she works toward establishing herself as a professional writer within the wine industry.