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Wine and Food Pairing Trends Through the Decades

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There are thousands of wine and food shows across the globe and for those with a discerning palate, the pressure is on to find the next best thing to hit the pairings scene. Through the decades, colorful combinations lit up plates and platters everywhere and hosts were under pressure to provide the pairing of the season. Discover some of the most popular wine pairings through the decades.

Rose and snacks

The Swinging Sixties Had a Thing for Pink

Not only is this the decade of Woodstock and Flower Power, it also happens to be one that had a hankering for liquid pink. Although Rosés made their appearance well before this time, it was during the sixties that it got elevated to star status. Almost every winery across the globe who wanted to remain relevant had a vat or two. But the pairings didn’t really receive the upgrades along with the wines, as the usual cheese, crackers, and grapes accompanied the Rosé or golden Chablis after dinner.

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Wine toast

The Age of Retro and Recycled Flavors

Wine connoisseurs and sommeliers across the world think back on the seventies with awe as it was the era of recycling wine. Although that may seem strange, wines such as Cold Duck used a mixture of the favorite vintages and combined it with a bit of sparkle. The great thing that came out of this mish-mash of wines, was that patrons could easily pair these up with an array of flavors. These included Thai, Greek, and even Indian cuisine which none are known for their wine pairings. Overall, it can be concluded that the seventies gave wine lovers the opportunity to expand their palettes by introducing dishes from across the world.

Decanting red wine

Sophistication During the Big Hair Days

Although the outfits and music may not scream sophistication during the eighties, the wine certainly does. This was the age the deep reds such as Bordeaux made their arrival to the dinner table with great aplomb. It sat in decanters to breathe while chefs prepared thick cuts of good steak. The establishment of red wine and red meat made its reappearance during this decade which was a sigh of relief from the usual fruit and cheese. Some of the best vintages hail from the eighties as well and is still sought after with a steady market for those who wish to purchase from this era.

With sparkling varietals making a strong comeback and hardy vintages growing in previously untouched landscapes, it’s exciting to see where wine is heading next. A gentle introduction to spices and different flavors may also make this a more accessible beverage around the world as locals pair the vintage for their region with their favorite delicacies.

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