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Why Wine is the Best Corporate Gift

Whether you work with an intimate team, or oversee a dynamic workplace, corporate gifts demonstrate your gratitude for your employees, clients, and customers. What better way to recognize those who have been most important to your success than through finely-crafted wines?

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The Best Corporate Gift Ideas

Trying to decide what gifts are appropriate for your business? The best corporate gifts show your giftee your appreciation while enhancing your company’s brand in a fun and memorable way. Corporate gifting helps build brand loyalty, team cohesion, and employee motivation.

And if you’re looking for a unique corporate gift this year, then definitely think about gifting wine. Wine-themed presents go beyond traditional corporate food gifts, delivering a sensory experience in an elegant package. Gifting wine symbolizes abundance through harvest and bottling – capturing the literal fruits of one’s labor. What better way to echo your company’s work and accomplishments throughout the year? 

Regardless of what you decide to give, keep in mind three simple rules to guide your corporate giving this year to find the best corporate gifts for employees.

1. Don’t Compromise on Quality

Whether you decide to send employee gift baskets or corporate Christmas gifts, your present is an extension of your brand. Employees and clients alike will connect their image of your product or services to the gift you give.

Determining your gift-giving budget ahead of time is the first step to narrow your options. The next step is to give only the best that falls within your budget. While having and sticking to your budget is crucial, never comprise on your gift’s quality. The gifts that you decide to give will affect your company’s reputation. Always select quality without being cheap.

Wine has a reputation for being a luxury product. Sleek bottles, beautiful label design, sensual product descriptions – the packing speaks for itself. As a business, gifting wine is an easy way to reflect the value of your brand.

2. Be Tactful and Appropriate

Because the gift you decide to give is an extension of your brand, you’ll want to make sure your corporate gift is appropriate. Several unwritten guidelines for corporate gifting include avoiding inappropriate humor, being too casual, or being too intimate. Always keep in mind what impression your present will make on your giftee. This is especially important when selecting employee gift boxes.

Wine enjoys a formality that perfectly balances warmth and caring with taste and tact. A bottle of wine will never come across as too intimate or too casual by your gift recipients.

3. Avoid Promotional Inserts

There's never a bad time to recognize and acknowledge the important people who have made an impact on our lives over the past year. This season of giving and celebration is not a promotional act, but a season of thanks and appreciation. While a card with your corporate logo or company name are lovely and expected touches, giving a corporate gift box as an overt marketing tool is less subtle. Stick with a tried-and-true token of gratitude.

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Employee Appreciation

Every leader knows that their organization wouldn’t function without their employees. Whether you lead a small crew of five or have thousands of workers spread across the country, your team is crucial to the successful vision of your company.

Gift giving is a way to humanize your work team and recognize their contributions beyond the traditional 'thank you' card. When thinking about your company gift, a good starting point is to consider what you would like to receive and what you would enjoy.

Wine Accessories

Employee gifts should reflect the level of their contributions to your business. This year skip the cheap corporate swag and opt for a classy present. Rewarding your team with corporate wine gifts will send a clear message about their value to you and your business. And inexpensive employee appreciation gifts can still deliver elegance.

Wine-themed employee gifts under $25 include bottle stoppers, corkscrews, and more. Visit our Wine Store to discover high-quality wine accessories. You’ll find plenty of options for a new employee welcome gift or presents for your seasonal giving.

Individual Bottles of Wine

What better way to show your appreciation for your team’s work throughout the year than through wine? A bottle of wine captures a year’s worth of hard work - from growing the grapes through harvest and then onto the winery for winemaking. 

At Gold Medal Wine Club, we work directly with boutique producers throughout California sourcing the finest wines that you’ll be hard-pressed to find on store shelves. Gifting wines can include individual bottles of reds or whites. Visit our Wine Store where you’ll find bottles for employee gifts under $25, as well as iconic wines for your star employees or associates.

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Wine Gift Boxes

Tasteful employee gift boxes are a wonderful way to demonstrate your gratitude. Corporate food gifts traditionally include crackers, jams, and small bites. The Wine Store has bundled up the perfect corporate gift box with our Wine Country Gift Basket. Inside you’ll discover a bottle of white and red wine, along with artisanal nuts, toffee, jam, honey, and hot sauce. Everything your giftee will need to sip and savor! Gift baskets are always crowd-pleasers, so you can’t go wrong!

Recurring Corporate Wine Gifts for Your A-list Clients

Is your organization looking for thoughtful ways to keep your brand or services in front of your clients throughout the year? A customizable wine club delivers a monthly selection of hand-crafted wines to your VIP customer list.

Choose Length, Frequency and Contents

Wine club gift memberships can come with red, white, or selections of both wine styles. Your corporate wine gift can be a one-time shipment or a multi-month shipment that goes out monthly, every other month, or quarterly. With recurring deliveries to their doorstep, your clients will be sure to think of you for all of their business needs.

Looking for something in addition to wine?

We can design combination cases that include the finest hand-crafted wines from California, along with wine accessories, organic treats, and e-cards. Each of our wines can come gift wrapped, for added luxury.

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VIP Corporate Wine Boxes

Need to promote your company with select clients? Then our corporate VIP options may be perfect for you. Options include fully customizable greeting cards with your company message and business logo, and include a personalized letter. Also, we’ll be happy to add your corporate logo to each of our wine bottles. Of course, all of our corporate gift boxes can be customized to deliver exactly what you want to your most valued business partners.

Explore our corporate gifting options to learn more about how we can tailor a wine gift appropriate to your needs.

Celebrating in Style

Wine, more than any other traditional corporate gift, will be a welcome addition to the celebratory meals of your valued employees, colleagues, and customers throughout the year. Show them that they are honored, valued, and appreciated.

Visit our Wine Store where you’ll discover a range of wine gift sets and wine-themed accessories. You’ll also find individual bottles of red and white wine for your gift recipient. Gold Medal Wine Club takes the guesswork out of buying wines by working directly with quality-minded producers. Every bottle meets our highest standards that your giftee will surely welcome.