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Why Gold Medal Wine Club is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Christmas tree in bliss

The holidays are nearing and you have yet to find the perfect present for a friend, family member, special someone...or maybe even yourself - but hey, we’re not judging. You’re probably sitting there trying to scour the internet for unique holiday gift ideas but coming up with the same-old same-old when it comes to the ‘unique’ part. By now, I’m sorry to say, you’ve been sucked into the 4 stages of the emotional roller coaster that is holiday shopping.

Ultimately there are 4 stages that holiday shoppers (aka you) go through each year. Maybe you're lucky and can knock out your list early, but for the rest of us out there...brace yourself for the season of trying to find a great, personal, and thoughtful Holiday Gift for the person who “doesn’t need anything” or “doesn’t know” what they want. We all know at least one of them. So, my friends, we give you the 4 stages you’ll probably be going through before the month is over. The good news? At least you're not going through it alone and you’ll arrive at the Perfect Holiday Gift for practically everyone on your list.

Christmas tree in bliss

Stage One: Seasonal Bliss

Ahh, the good old days. The brief but illuminating time right after Thanksgiving when you switch out the Fall decorations for holiday lights and pine garnishes, light the cinnamon candles and wait in giddy anticipation for the snow, carolers and festivities to begin. It’s a lovely time to be alive, isn't it? The air is crisp, people seem more joyous and even the wine at dinner somehow knows it should taste better with a holiday meal. But, don’t settle in quite yet.

It’s like the majority of light-hearted family comedies. The movie starts out nice and calm, joyous even, but those of us watching on only know there’s bound to be something or someone who knocks over each and every bottle of red wine, sending them crashing to the floor...and you sit watching in silent horror as your delicious ruby-red wine, that is supposed to keep you sane during the holidays, is now streaming into your ever-absorbent white carpet. (PS. If this does actually happen, check out our Wine Away spray - works wonders!)

Christmas tree in shock

Stage Two: Realization

So you’ve found yourself ‘starting early’ with your holiday shopping and go out perusing the stores, taking in the wonderful atmosphere. Your Seasonal Bliss still has you feeling nice and warm inside but there’s something else sneaking in that you can’t quite shake: enter the realization phase. Yep, a funny little thing that keeps reminding you that while it may be the second week of December, you’re actually running out of time. You’re thinking “But the holidays are so far away...” but are they? Are they really? Let’s put it into perspective:

You have a bottle of wine, tear open the foil and pull the cork with a satisfying “POP!”. You pour yourself a glass, maybe two and things are merry. But by the end of the third glass you suddenly become aware of the fact that you only have essentially 3 glasses worth of wine left in the had all the wine in the world a few hours ago, but now there's only half left.

This starts a snowball effect, causing you to start counting down the days for when gifts need to be bought and shipped, what is being sent to you versus to your gift recipient, who’s handling the shipping, wrapping, the holiday recipes, who’s coming to visit, what does everyone actually want, etc.

Ok, STOP. Let’s pause there. Take a breather, pour yourself another glass of wine, or maybe two. Bring your heart rate down. You're fine! We’re only in Stage Two.

Christmas tree stressed out

Stage Three: Uh-oh

You’re down to the wire and it’s go-time! The ‘buy things early’ plan didn’t go so well and you’re out buying last minute gifts. But you still want them to be thoughtful and something your friends and loved ones will thoroughly enjoy. Stumped, you stop in at a nice restaurant or wine bar - more like stiff-armed your way through the crowds of people playing bumper cars with their shopping bags - but I digress. At the bar you order your favorite glass of wine. Watching the liquid stream out of the bottle and swirl around, you smile and inhale its lovely scent while you take you first glorious sip, it hits you - WINE!

It’s the one thing that perhaps everyone on your gift list loves, is passionate about, or maybe wants to learn more about. So now you have the dilemma of buying a Holiday Wine Gift for all of your wine enthusiast friends and family (yes, this includes yourself too). But what do you get when they all have different palate preferences, levels of wine-snobbiness and know-how?

We’ll give you some clues: You order it online, it arrives in a big brown box from far-away places, tastes delicious, and holds the answers to all of life’s unanswered questions...

A Gold Medal Wine Club monthly Wine Club membership! Boom. Holiday. List. Done.

You’re welcome.

Christmas tree euphoria

Stage Four: Seasonal Euphoria

Now that you’ve supposedly arrived at the Best Wine Club on the Planet, you’ve some extremely serious choices to make...Just kidding, no matter what you settle on, it’s all fantastic wine. But you’ve got options galore! 6 Wine Club to choose from to fit any budget and palate preference. We’ve got Wine Clubs for the not-so-sure-but-likes-wine person (Gold), the into-the-new-and-exciting/nobody-else-has person (Garagiste), the traveler-on-a-budget person (International), the pinot-noir-is-life person (Pinot) and even the highest rated wines for the snobbiest of wine snobs (Platinum or Diamond).

Not into the Wine Club thing or not too sure someone would want only wine? Enter Gift Boxes! One-time gifts with foods, handy wine gadgets and even Champagne- can’t go wrong with any of those choices either.

Phew! Now that you have your gift list figured out, it’s time to sit back, relax and let the Seasonal Euphoria wash over you - and trust us, it’s way better than Stage One’s silly blissfulness. You’ve successfully managed to get a thoughtful, tasty and classy gift (by the way — can we say bonus points with the in-laws!?) and best of all, it comes every month. Your gift recipient has no chance of forgetting how much you care well after the holidays are over.

Order online, and let someone else (aka us) take care of finding the monthly wineries and outstanding, small-production wines, then figure out the logistics and delivery. All you have to do is revel in the holiday spirit, frolic in the snow and wait for them to open the best Holiday Wine Gift.