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Personality Quiz: Which Wine Club Should You Choose?

Kelsey Chesterfield

DISCLAIMER: This is no ordinary wine quiz…we’re cooking up some powerful wine juju that will actually give you the results you’re looking for. If you want phony answers or questions that, no matter how you answer them, lead you to the same wine varietals or wine selections - DON’T TAKE THIS QUIZ.

But, if you’d like to experience some genuine magic, then please carry on.

So, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, it’s quiz time! And who doesn't like a good personality quiz to tell you exactly what you’re looking for without doing all the soul searching…especially when it comes to your wine of choice. Whether you’re answering for Father’s Day to get Dad the best wine gift, a birthday wine of the month club surprise, or maybe even a monthly wine subscription for yourself. No matter the occasion, you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for.

Here’s how it works: simply answer the questions below with you or your gift recipient in mind, add up the points in the parentheses next to your answers and voila! We’ll magically point you in the right direction for the best wine club or wine gift for whomever you’re shopping for.

**If shopping for someone other than yourself, substitute the “yous” and “yours” in these questions for your gift recipient.

1) You’re in the wine isle of your local grocery store searching for a bottle, or two (lets be real), for tonight’s dinner. What do you do?

• (1) Look for a reasonably-priced bottle…not too cheap but still won’t break the bank and since you wouldn’t consider yourself a wine connoisseur, you pick one based on the label.

• (2) You know wine - maybe not quite an expert, but your palate is refined. Perhaps you settle for a specific winery or brand you know you will like, even though deep down you want to try something new.

• (3) You’re feeling spunky and a bit adventurous, so you go straight to the unfamiliar. Discovering new wines is what you’re all about!

• (4) Wine store…? You can’t find the quality you’re looking for at any old shop. Only the best-of-the-best will do from specialty retailers.

2) Your friends invite you to go wine tasting. Which scenario is most appealing?

• (1) A quiet tasting at home is ideal. Nothing over the top, but let’s make it a memorable evening.

• (2) You make a weekend out of it! No better way to taste the wines than at the vineyard itself, plus they may even have a special reserve Pinot Noir available for your growing wine collection.

• (3) You opt for the tasting rooms near by…I mean, local is the only way to go when it comes to finding the next exciting wine trends.

• (4) You get excited and book a private tasting at one of your favorite chateaux. Heck, you may even plan your next vacation around an amazing wine region!

3) You’re out to dinner with friends and you’re presented with the wine list…What do you do?

• (1) You immediately hand it off to a friend sitting next to you, it’s better that someone else chooses the wine.

• (2) Your friends trust you - after all you have good taste in wine and haven't steered them in the wrong direction before. Maybe you start with choosing the varietal or even get a bit fancy and secretly pair it with your specific menu choice.

• (3) You immediately ask the sommelier which wines they suggest and love the sound of their local Chardonnay, or exotic Chilean Carménère…heck, why not order both?

• (4) The wine choice is a no-brainer, after all you did choose the restaurant because of the wine list. You order their highest-quality bottle of wine and may even ask for it to be decanted at the table.

4) You’re at a big wine tasting event that just so happens to be organized by region. Which area would you gravitate towards first?

• (1) You’re not too familiar with wine tasting events but you do know that you love great wine. You decide to start with the closest booth and work your way around the room.

• (2) You look through the event pamphlet and hope to spot some wineries with amazing Pinot Noirs…If only they had a whole section for that! Nonetheless, you see some producers with superb ratings and plan around them.

• (3) Your wanderlust is calling and you must answer! You make a bee line towards the international section. Once you’ve tasted the world’s wines, you’re not too sure where to go and end up gravitating towards a few tables of intriguing fledgling wineries.

• (4) You have studied the list of participating wineries ahead of time and have already mapped out the best and most efficient routes to the best wines. You don’t care which section they’re in and you enjoy seeing where the highest point ratings take you around the room.

5) You are stuck on a desert island and have to choose one wine to drink for the rest of eternity. Which flavors and aromas match your horoscope to help you make the best choice?

• (1) Chocolate, coffee, and damp forest floor bring out the best in those associated with the Earth element.

• (2) Peppery reds and crisp citrusy whites with strong tannins would pair best with the Fire element.

• (3) Red berries and exotic fruit flavors with a dry finish definitely match up with the Air element.

• (4) Luscious stone fruit and an ever-so smooth and well-rounded mouthfeel is a perfect complement to the Water element.

HA! We’re kidding about the last question. But back to the seriousness of your wine choices. Go ahead and tally up your scores (excluding #5) to see which Wine Club is your best match.

Scores between 4-7
Gold Wine ClubYou have a personality of Gold! Not only do you love finding new and authentic wines, you’d like to learn more about what you’re drinking. Our Gold Wine Club, with wines from boutique wineries in California, will give you the opportunity to branch out to find new favorites without breaking the bank. You’ll get 2 different wines in each shipment with a newsletter detailing the story behind the small winery, the winemaker, the region and even some recipes to pair with the featured wines!

Scores between 8-11
Platinum Wine ClubCongratulations! You are discovering and refining your palate to appreciate whole new levels of outstanding quality. Our Platinum Wine Club is the one for you. You too like to learn more about the wines and where they came from, especially when they arrive at your doorstep each month. But more importantly these wines have been rated with 90+ ratings by national wine competitions and established wine critics and are some of the best representations of California’s best winemakers.

Pinot Noir Wine ClubBut wait! You not only have outstanding taste in wine and a longing for quality, but you may also hold a special place in your heart for Pinot Noirs. That’s right, our Pinot Noir Wine Club features world-class Pinot Noirs that are captivating and worthy of your attention. With monthly wine club shipments, you’ll be reveling in each sip. The newsletter that accompanies each of these wines also includes recipes to pair with the featured selections.

Scores between 12-15
Garagiste Wine ClubAn adventurer at heart, you are passionate about trying new things, whether it’s the next big wine trend or traveling out of your comfort zone. You’ve matched with our Garagiste Wine Club and our International Wine Club! The monthly Garagiste club features wines that are handcrafted by skilled, independent winemakers that are nearly impossible to find outside of the local area. With very limited production, these wines are among the most exciting wines produced in the last few years. You’ll be exactly where you want to be - at the forefront of this thrilling movement!

International Wine ClubBut what’s also special about you, is that while you love the idea of rare and fascinating wines from Garagiste winemakers, you’re ready for anything, and that means experiencing the world’s wine regions with our International Wine Club! Four times per year, receive 3 spectacular bottles of wine from exotic wine growing regions around the world. Not only are they special because they’re imported…oh no, they’re even more exceptional because they are exclusively-imported from small estates. You won’t be finding these wines anywhere else, and that’s fits perfectly with your adventurous spirit. Plus, you have the option to add on our Adventure Package with exclusively-imported, artisan food items from the same country as the wines!

Score of 16
Diamond Wine ClubThose of you who scored a perfect 16 are a very special breed. You paired with our most elite wine club: the Diamond Wine Club. You don’t mess around with your wine choices, heck you even make plans around the wine! Special 93+ rated, luxury-premium wines are included in this quarterly club, making each wine shipment something to behold. However, this wine club is also limited to 500 members, meaning only a fortunate few have a chance to experience these jaw-dropping vintages. You’re a top-of-the-line kind of person and only the finest will do!

Did our quiz leave you with a split personality? Lucky for you, that just means more wine. Plus, there’s no limit to how many wine clubs you can join! Try out a few and see how you like them - you won’t be disappointed.


PS. If you are stuck on a desert island with decisions only your horoscope can make, it’s a good thing we deliver - as long as your island accepts out-of-island wine shipments.