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When was California’s first vineyard planted?

In 1769, Fr. Junipero Serra planted California’s first vineyard at the Mission San Diego de Alcala. The grapes were an early Mexican variety that became known as the Mission grape and was the most prominent grape variety in California until 1880.

How long does it take a vineyard to reach its first crop?

Vineyards usually take three years from the initial planting to produce the first crop. Newer planting techniques and plant material have been showing a very small crop in the second year, and by the fourth year, the vineyard should be in full production.

Glycerin is a natural byproduct of wine fermentation. True or false?

True. Glycerin is a chemical compound (sugar alcohol) in wine that is a natural byproduct of fermentation. Glycerin, also known as glycerol, improves wine’s quality by making it taste richer, fuller-bodied, and viscous. Although glycerin is colorless and odorless,
its slightly sweet taste and syrupy texture gives the impression of silkiness on the palate.

Originally published in our Gold Wine Club's The Wine Press, Edward Sellers Vineyards and Wines edition featured in 2012.