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Wine Wear: The Unauthorized Wine Tasting Style Guide

Meghan Fitzgerald

An age old question... What should I wear?

In a world and a time where options seem just short of limitless, it is safe to assume that there isn’t a person out there reading this who hasn’t asked or been asked that question. Hence, the countless fashion magazines, makeover television shows, and personal styling sites which exist for the purpose of answering this question no matter the occasion, venue, personality, etc...and the following article is no exception! To add a splash of focus to such a vast, not to mention constantly evolving, topic, let us revisit the question, sharpening its point even further.

What should I wear wine tasting?

Wine tasting room with large wine barrels and tables

Wear and Where

There is no one ‘tasting room’...just check out the diverse listing of our Wine Clubs' featured wineries! From the contemporary speakeasy-esque lounge space to the classic traditional barroom, every room expresses its own theme and provides an experience as unique and varied as its guests.

Therefore, the dress code is not so much a definite set of rules as it is a companionable guide, able to be adapted to complement the mood or atmosphere of any room anywhere!

A Sign that says 'Winery Tasting Room Open'

Wear and When

Whether your wine tasting weekend finds you sipping wine on the sprawling estate of a valley vineyard or enjoying a glass in the cozy tasting nook of a boutique winery, the style guide-word is ‘class’ and the only real consideration is the weather and/or season.

To help lay the foundation for your perfect seasonally-appropriate look, we outline the basics below, leaving the rest to you, and we’ll let you in on a little secret: Our confidence here at Gold Medal isn’t just reserved for the quality of our wine clubs, but also for the ability of our customers and our members to make any ordinary occasion extraordinary and certainly an occasion to drink wine.

Wine Tasting in the Spring or Summer looks like...

  1. The Maxi Dress; the Ruffle or Flow Blouse; the Polo Shirt

  2. Harem Pants; Jean Capris or Shorts; Chinos or Khakis

  3. Flats; Slides; Strap Sandals; Platform Sneakers

  4. The Windbreaker; the Denim Jacket; the Cardigan

Wine Tasting in the Fall or Winter looks like...

  1. The Cable Knit Sweater; the Turtleneck; the Drop Shoulder Sweater; the Mock Neck

  2. Jean Pants; Trouser Pants; Corduroy Pants

  3. Knee High Boots; Ankle Boots; Snow Boots; Traction Boots

  4. The Fleece Coat; the Peacoat; the Puff Jacket; the Pied De Poule Coat

*The accent piece, such as the wide-brimmed sun hat, the tweed gloves, the retro shades, or the silk scarf, is always recommended.

Four young people tasting wine in the vineyard

Why this Wine Wear?

You may be wondering why we chose some of the items above. For the tops and bottoms, each suggestion has an aspect of looking classy and put-together, while still being comfortable. As for the shoes, of course you want them to match your outfit, but there's some practicality to keep in mind here.

First of all, vineyard tasting room locations are rather large and could require quite a bit of walking. Second, many of those estates have spaces outside that are grass, gravel, dirt, and other ground coverings that are much easier to walk on with a sturdy shoe. So, you might want to keep your high heels at home! Finally, for the jackets, sweaters, coats and accent pieces. These should be chosen depending on the expected weather and location.

There you have it - the perfect outfits to wear while wine tasting no matter the setting! Be sure to scope out the location and weather ahead of time and use the guidelines above to always nail the unspoken 'dress code'.



Meghan Fitzgerald Author Bio Picture Author Bio: Meghan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald is a recent graduate of enology and viticulture from the Institute for Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla Washington and currently works as a contributing author for the wine marketing industry with a focus in content writing. She continues to write feature pieces for Gold Medal Wine Club as she works toward establishing herself as a professional writer within the wine industry.