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What is 'umami'?

Umami is the Japanese term for the “fifth sense” and, while there isn’t a precise English translation, it is often referred to as “savory”. Mushrooms, soy sauce, shellfish and tomatoes are all examples of foods high in umami. Some wine grapes lend themselves to these flavors and it’s thought that rich, red wines, especially those with barrel aging, can coax umami/savory flavors out of a wine.

What is the quickest way to chill a bottle of wine before serving it?

If you have a white wine that needs to be chilled ASAP, don’t fret! For one of the quickest chilling methods, fill a big bowl with a combination of ice and water and dunk the bottle inside. Your wine should be chilled and ready to serve within 20 to 30 minutes.

What are corks made out of?

Cork is made from the bark of a tree – Quercue suber – or the cork oak. These trees have really thick, rugged bark that can be harvested about every 10 years. The bark is used for wine corks because of its remarkable material – its elastic, strong and relatively impermeable to air.

Originally published in our 2014 Wine Press' Wine Wizard, Derby Wine Estates edition published in our Gold Wine Club.