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Top 10 Spring Wines

Salvador Jimenez

Making their debut is our list of recommended top 10 best wines for Spring!

While these wines (plus a few bonus suggestions) are ideal for the approaching season, we should also recognize the challenges the past year has had on the vineyards and what it has taken to get those wines to your equally as eager glasses.

Vineyards Preparing for Spring

Close up of a new bud break on a vineyard vineThe vines of the Northern Hemisphere have been dormant throughout this long winter. The leaves have long fallen off of the vines and these vinifera vines have been conserving their carbohydrates and energy in their root systems in order to survive and restart its growing cycle this spring. The whole cycle is nothing short of miraculous and hopeful all at the same time.

During this period of December through March the shoots have hardened and become woody, becoming full-blown canes during this period of winter dormancy. In extreme cases the brutal continental winters can sometimes kill the buds and sometimes permanently harm the vines. As we creep ever so closer to Spring, however, these vines across our North American continent have largely been pruned or are about to be pruned by the hardworking viticulturists that steward the vines from which we drink.

As the temperatures begin to warm up in April the buds on our freshly pruned vines will swell and burst, producing the new shoots of the 2021 fruit. And just like these vines that will bring us the wines of a new vintage, we too—the imbibers—are ready to emerge from our lockdown slumbers and enjoy some refreshing and upbeat wines to ring in the start of this new season.

So this Spring, after a long lockdown vintage for us humans, we will be reaching for crisp, acid-driven Rosés, steely white wines with floral aromas, and perhaps an alluring Grenache with a light chill to remind us the warmer months ahead. And don’t forget the bubbles to celebrate our mutual, albeit slow emergence from this winter slumber. We want wines that are ready to be drunk now and we want wines that can lift our spirits. Spring is here!

Top 10 Wines for Spring:

Spring Red Wines:

Spring White & Rosé Wines:

Bonus: Spring Champagne/Sparkling Wine!