Time To Start Thinking About Dad

For Father's Day, finding a thoughtful gift that will be truly appreciated is challenging for even the most adept gift-givers. There's always the danger of cliche. Who wants to give Dad a tie, even if he wears them every day? The golf stuff and the fishing paraphernalia is so overdone that it's practically a joke. Inevitably the Father's Day gift often times ends up being a token with no real meaning. Dad probably doesn't expect more, but he deserves more.

What makes a good gift? Perhaps something he could savor? Something he would look forward to using? Something that fits easily within the life he is living- not one that reminds him of the life he might like to lead, but can't find the time. Something that makes him feel special? Something hard to find? Unique? The perfect gift would be something that brings joy, grants him a new experience, perhaps teaches him something and allows him to dream. It should be easy to use or challenge him, depending on his mood. Finding this type of gift might seem impossible. It's not.

You can give a gift that achieves all these goals by giving a Wine of the Month Club from Gold Medal Wine Club. Unlike other wine clubs, Gold Medal chooses only award winning wines virtually guaranteeing a quality taste and unforgettable experience. These wines are rarely found in stores and are made by small, boutique wineries and vineyards. Every month, Dad can receive a shipment of two of these highly coveted wines. The delivery arrives beautifully packaged and gift wrapped accompanied by "The Wine Press", a publication describing the wine, the winery, the vineyard, the winemaker, with recipe suggestions and tasting notes. Each month, Dad can create a whole experience surrounding his unique gift. Perhaps he'll even invite you over for dinner to share a great meal with some great wine.

Gold Medal Wine Club has been in business since 1992 and has the reputation as one of the leading wine clubs in the world. Whether Dad is already a wine aficionado, a connoisseur in training, or if he simply enjoys a nice bottle of wine, there is a Gold Medal Wine Club series that's right for him. There are five exciting wine club series to choose from with the Gold Series starting at only $34 a month. The Platinum and Diamond Series feature 90 and 93+ rated wines. The best of the world's wines can be sampled with the International Series, and the Pinot Noir Series is great for those who love the light red qualities of the Pinot grape.

Place your order now and your gift will surely arrive in time for Father's Day. Each wine selection has received multiple medals or accolades from major wine competitions and is a special and unique gift that Dad will receive, appreciate and enjoy every month. It's thoughtful, unique and satisfying. It is the perfect gift.