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Members Only: Thoughts on the Wine Club from a Former Manager

Meghan Fitzgerald

Welcome to the Club

two people tasting wine behind a table of wine bottles and cheese

Picture this:

You’ve just finished tasting an absolutely excellent selection of wines at an absolutely beautiful winery with an absolutely delightful host as your guide and you are feeling absolutely fulfilled with your decision to abandon the lonely ‘office space’ that is your apartment dining room.

You ask the aforementioned charming host for the check and are considering taking a bottle or two home to impress your cat when the host utters those not wholly unexpected but cringe-worthy words, “Are you a member of our wine club?”

She might as well have asked you if you’d heard the good news.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, though.

The host, whether an associate or a manager, might be cringing too.

This aversion to addressing the subject of the wine club on the part of both the customer and the salesperson stems from another aversion...the aversion to commitment. For the unseasoned, untrained salesperson, to approach the wine club is to approach selling something, which not every associate feels completely committed to accomplishing, especially if he or she feels uncomfortable or unprepared. For the prospective customer, to consider the wine club is to consider buying something, which is intrinsically linked to cost, and cost always gives a person a reason to pause and/or defend.

However, if experience as a wine club manager has taught me anything, and my readers who are also Gold Medal Wine Club members can surely attest, it’s that the wine club is a bond between the winery and the customer, encouraging brand loyalty and customer service personalization. To approach any wine club as simply another commitment or a mere good to be sold from the angle of either the buyer or the seller is an opportunity lost for both.

Mutually Assured Satisfaction

Terms and Conditions May Apply:

But the good news is those ‘terms and conditions’ are essentially only gameplay guidelines implemented to ensure maximum user fulfillment through a plan personalized to suit your budget, taste, and schedule. Essentially, the terms and conditions of the wine club are your terms and conditions. You’re the boss.

If you weren’t already convinced of my past life as a wine club manager, I am certain the above spiel has made you a believer.

Anyway, onward.

The Gold Standard

For example:

For those of you reading who are already members of Gold Medal Wine Club, the following will serve as a happy reminder of the flexible club options and exclusive member opportunities you receive as such. As for those readers who do not yet enjoy the member benefits and deals Gold Medal is pleased to offer and provide, we would be more than happy to banish any and all doubt that our club isn’t the club for you.

I mean, odds are, with six clubs to choose from, one of these was designed specifically with you in mind.

Prices are listed upfront to point you in the right direction toward selecting the club that’s right for you, followed by the number of bottles per shipment, wine varieties included, frequency of delivery, and savings you earn as a club member.

Gold Medal’s flexible approach to the wine club is becoming more prevalent as the wine club itself is becoming less of a novelty among wineries and tasting rooms and more of the standard.

The wine club is meant to cultivate customer participation and involvement, therefore, the wine club must, as a rule, incorporate a variety of benefits to appeal to a variety of potential members. Therefore, while all programs usually include discounts, exclusive access to events, and priority accommodation in terms of reservations, visits, and product availability and attainability, those perks and promotions vary and are constantly evolving depending on the club and the customer...

...and, most recently, the format.

wine package from Gold Medal Wine Club

Wine from Home

From our home(page) to yours:

As the move to online marketing within the wine industry has become not only a recommended, but necessary, course of action, so too has the online presence of the wine club become a common trend for any business.

A trendsetter since 1992, Gold Medal has helped pave the way for the many wine clubs which have recently selected to operate entirely online. The intention being consumer base expansion through increased brand exposure and a more streamlined approach to customer outreach, these wine clubs are working to encourage not only membership interest but membership involvement.

That means, whether you live across the street or across the country, your wine club intends to be your host, waiting at the door to answer your questions, offer you only the best product, and entertain you with stories both informative and fun.

Of course, you already know that.

While I am content to believe you visited the Gold Medal website specifically to read my thoughts concerning wine club, I am sure I am only a stop as you navigate the wine club website, maybe shopping for wine or just interested to know the history behind the wine club. Either way, I am pleased to have been able to provide you with a moment of leisurely reading.

Be sure to visit us again!

You know where to find us.


Meghan Fitzgerald Author Bio Picture Author Bio:Meghan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald is a recent graduate of enology and viticulture from the Institute for Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla Washington and currently works as a contributing author for the wine marketing industry with a focus in content writing. She continues to write feature pieces for Gold Medal Wine Club as she works toward establishing herself as a professional writer within the wine industry.