The Wine Wizard...Test your Wine IQ!

Its time to put your wine knowledge to the test, or maybe just learn a few things!  Take a look at our wine trivia questions below and help increase your wine knowledge!


1. What is riddling? *Hint - think Champagne!

2. Which grape variety is used in Beaujolais wines? *Hint - think France.

3. What is the most commonly planted grape in the world? *Hint - it is probably NOT the first wine you thought of!


1. Riddling is one step of the Champagne-making process in which the bottles are placed in racks, holding them at a 45-degree angle with the cork pointed down. Every few days, the bottles are turned gradually, pushing the sediment toward the neck of the bottle. The angle increases for 6-8 weeks until the bottle is pointed straight down. At this point, the sediment can be removed and the bottle re-corked, finishing the wine making process.

2. Beaujolais wines are made from 100 percent Gamay grapes. The wine's style is typically light and fruity, and meant to be consumed young. Beaujolias can even be served chilled. Typically a very affordable wine, Beaujolais wines are among the best-selling wines from Burgundy in the United States.

3. Surprisingly, the most popular grape planted isn't the Cabernet Sauvignon or even Chardonnay. Airen (eye-rhen), a white grape originating in Spain, covers almost a million acres worldwide and is currently the most planted grape in the world.