The Best Wine Club on the Planet. Period.


Are all Wine Clubs the same? Nope! First of all, there are a few different types of Wine Clubs out there. You'll find some Wine Clubs for individual wineries, some focusing on a certain quality level or region, some are in the bulk wine business and the list goes on. Now lets get back to us: Gold Medal Wine Club 'The Best Wine Club on the Planet. Period.'

What makes us different?

1) Unlike other Wine of the Month Clubs, we don't choose wines based solely on our own palate preferences. We have strict selection criteria that takes into account medals won from major wine competitions as well as high ratings from national publications such as Wine Enthusiast or Wine Spectator which ensures that the wines are top quality across the board.

2) All of the wines chosen are produced by boutique wineries that are among the best in the world. We searches for small production, award-winning wines from regions in California, Washington and Oregon, (as well as internationally) and delivers them directly to wine lovers, like yourself, across the country. These wines are highly allocated, hard-to-find and are usually only available at the winery - ones you typically cannot find in stores.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading...

3) All wines available through our Wine Clubs and Online Wine Store give you access to exceptional wines at up to 40% off winery retail prices! All visitors to our Online Wine Store receive incredible discounts, HOWEVER, Gold Medal Wine Club Members receive greater discounts than visitors, receive additional discounts for multiple series memberships, and also receive additional loyalty discounts based on membership level at checkout. Better yet, we even have sales with greater discounts!

And last but not least,

4) We have 6, yes SIX, exciting Club Series to choose from so you can find one or more that suits your wine preferences and budget - without sacrificing quality. All of the wines we feature are small production, hard-to-find, award-winning wines from some of the best small wineries. You can choose from:

Gold Wine Club, our most popular club level featuring superb, medal-winning wines from small family-owned and operated wineries. Customize your order with your preference on reds/whites, frequency of deliveries, and more.

Platinum Wine Club, a highly rated club with rare wine selections that have only garnered 90+ ratings from top winemakers. Some of these include pre-releases and exclusive offerings made available only to our members!

Garagiste Wine Club, our newest club offering that focuses on extremely small-lot (typically producing less than 1,500 cases!), handcrafted wines from independent winemakers. Truly artisan wines that are very rare and virtually impossible to find. If you love the thought of finding rare and fascinating wines before they're discovered, this Club is the perfect choice!

Pinot Noir Wine Club, if you have a passion for Pinots, this is the club for you! Only providing captivating, world-class Pinots from winemakers who have mastered this finicky grape. All of the wines are highly regarded and worthy of your attention!

Diamond Wine Club, featuring such luxury-premium, collectable wines awarded with no less than 93 Points that we limited it to 500 recipients. Call our friendly customer service representatives to learn more about this ultimate tasting experience.

International Wine Club, an exciting club with shipments 4 times per year offering outstanding international wines produced by boutique wineries from various wine regions of the world. Want the full experience? Add on our Gourmet Adventure Package which has artisan food items from the same country as the wines. And the best part - all wines and gourmet foods are EXCLUSIVE IMPORTS. You'll only find these selections through Gold Medal Wine Club.

Find a favorite? Don't wait, sign up today and discover amazing wines!