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Pop! Culture: Wine Cork Crafts

Meghan Fitzgerald

Art in Progress

It is a truth historically demonstrated and universally accepted that the artist often finds inspiration at the bottom of a bottle...however, what if you could find that very same inspiration at the top?

The following is in defense of the cork, as easily recognized as thrown aside the moment the bottle is uncorked, but before you even think of tossing that little buoyant cylinder into the trash, consider the many possibilities the cork has to offer.

Buy or DIY Wine Cork Crafts

Wine Cork Magnet Planter On Fridge With Small Plant Coming Out The TopWhile we encourage flexing those artistic muscles, especially with different cork craft ideas, we also applaud supporting small business and showing appreciation for the exceptional work of freelance artists everywhere.

Established as the forum for amateur salespeople and artists, Etsy is a treasure - emphasis on treasure - trove for quality crafts and creations and the cork is steadily becoming one of the most popular materials sellers are using to create and sell and buyers are looking to review and buy. Just rev up that search engine with a few choice words and enjoy the ride.

Where There Is Wine...

Make the most out of the benefits you already enjoy as a member of the Gold Medal Wine Club and be sure to save those corks from your monthly wine shipments. Not a member? There’s no better time to join! We have a feeling after you get a taste for the possibilities offered by the wine inside the bottle, you'll want another. But the leftover cork is an added bonus!

A Pile Of Wine CorksRegardless, whether wine is your go-to beverage or not, wine corks are as easy to find as wine, or whatever you happen to prefer, is to drink. Wineries and tasting rooms, wineries featured in our wine clubs included, make it a point to collect the popped tops at the end of the day for reuse in a number of capacities, not the least of which is artistic.

Additionally, corks are sold in bulk from numerous online sources. Of course, you can always collect in the same way you craft...DIY! For every empty bottle, there is a ready-to-use cork, and for every ready-to-use cork, there is cork crafting potential. Just set that potential aside until you’re ready to unlock - or uncork - it.

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How to Clean Wine Corks For Crafts

Boil it down. Instead of tossing your corked corks into the trash, toss them into a pot of water and let them boil for 10 minutes. This will sterilize as well as return them to their original shape. Leave them to dry completely before use.


You have your medium.

What To Do With Wine Corks?

Wine Cork Ornament With Red Bow On TopYou’re ready to tackle the subject.

Whether it’s a decorative Christmas tree ornament or a handy set of coasters that inspires your work, all you need is some time, a few sticks of glue - hot glue recommended - and a little imagination, and you’re poised to impress.

Of course, you'll also need your collection of wine corks! Make sure to hold onto the corks from your wine club shipments and after a few deliveries, you'll have enough to start at least one of the projects below. There are even some cork bird cages, vases, different shaped wire encolsures, framed letters and more, that can nicely display your corks until you're ready to use them.

To help inspire your next great creation, here are a few ideas popular with current cork crafters and consumers:

  1. Christmas Wreaths

  2. Personalized Signs

  3. Charcuterie Boards

  4. Planters

  5. Valentine Hearts

  6. Keychains

  7. Wine Racks

  8. Coasters

  9. Centerpieces

  10. Christmas Ornaments

*Please drink and collect responsibly.


Meghan Fitzgerald Author Bio Picture Author Bio: Meghan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald is a recent graduate of enology and viticulture from the Institute for Enology and Viticulture in Walla Walla Washington and currently works as a contributing author for the wine marketing industry with a focus in content writing. She continues to write feature pieces for Gold Medal Wine Club as she works toward establishing herself as a professional writer within the wine industry.