Pinot Noir Pairings - Savor the Flavors


It’s the middle of the week and a big, generous glass of Pinot Noir is in order! Your wildly ambitious self has planned out your daily meals and prepped for a wonderful week of Pinot Noir and deliciously complimenting food dishes to pair with them. Ok maybe that’s a stretch - but you still want your food to taste good with your wine selections! Chances are your wine + food pairing aspirations are getting pushed aside due to busy schedules and hectic work days. Yet, after each of those long days a nice glass of red sounds right on point.

Enter Gold Medal Wine Club - to the rescue! Again, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves but we’re here to plan a week of food and wine pairings for the Pinot Noir lovers out there! We have plenty of recipes to pair with other varietals, but a good, award-winning Pinot is what we’re serving tonight. Grab a glass and let’s get cooking!

Filet Mignon with Mushrooms and Pinot Noir Sauce
We’re going to start the week off right by recommending you treat yourself to some filet mignon! Pour yourself a glass of Pinot and relax as your home fills with the delicious sent of mushrooms, garlic, rosemary bacon, and steak. This recipe is sure to cure the Monday woes and set you up for a spectacular evening.

Pair this recipe with the 2013 Côtière Pinot Noir

Savory Oven Roasted Root Vegetables
This Tuesday calls for some roasted veggies as a side dish, or if you’re really into root vegetables it can replace the main course! Plus, maybe Monday’s meal left you a little short on cash and veggies are all you can afford. Good thing these potatoes, carrots and other large veggies are heavenly and a great autumn/winter addition to any meal.

Pair this recipe with the 2015 Richard G. Peterson Pinot Noir

Salmon with Mueller Pinot Noir Sauce
Can you imagine a tastier combo? Salmon is rich (as far as fish goes) and doesn’t need much to shine. Layered with seasonings, shallots, garlic and more, this recipe is just begging for a well-rounded Pinot Noir! Choose a Pinot that is not too heavy so it’s not taking away from the fish, but robust enough to stand up to the abundant seasonings.

Pair this recipe with the 2011 Tempi Muller Pinot Noir

Muns Vineyard Pasta with Wild Mushrooms and Sausage
Gear up for a superb and easy recipe for tonight’s meal. It’s nearing the end of the week and just when take-out is looking like the best option, think again! Taking a mere 30 minutes to cook, this recipe is just begging for a chance to shine next to a glass of Pinot.

Pair this recipe with the 2008 Muns Vineyard Pinot Noir

Benovia Pinot Noir Truffles
It’s Friday! Somehow the end of the week calls for a treat - and maybe some excitement-filled ambition for the prospect of these Pinot Noir Truffles. Wine and chocolate never cease to amaze and these irresistible little confections are molded into bite-sized balls of joy infused with Pinot Noir and covered in powdered sugar. Save some of your wine for this after-dinner indulgence!

Pair this recipe with the 2013 Benovia Pinot Noir

Roasted Chicken with Pinot Noir Sauce
Ahh, you’ve got some time to relax and enjoy cooking a home-cooked meal on this lovely Saturday evening. But, it’s still the weekend so a non-over-the-top-but-tastes-like-it-is recipe is definitely called for. A big thanks to Parmelee-Hill for providing their easy roasted chicken recipe with generous amounts of fresh herbs topped with a drizzle of Pinot Noir sauce. Et Voila! We know, this one sounds fancy but it’s surprisingly simple!

Pair this recipe with the 2011 Parmelee-Hill Pinot Noir

Pork Chops with Apples and Onions
Alas, it’s Monday’s eve yet again. A new week is in front of us and it’s time to get organized and ready for the next day. This probably means you don’t have much time and are most likely in the mood for a classic, comfortable recipe. These pork chops are simply seasoned with fresh ground black pepper and cooked in a swirl of olive oil. The added flair from the apples and onions take this one to the next level, maximizing the flavors of the pork and bringing out the best in a luscious, hearty Pinot.

Pair this recipe with the 2012 Joseph Jewell Pinot Noir

If you’ve made it this far without succumbing to a Pinot Noir pairing recipe already, I’m impressed! This week’s-worth of scrumptious meals are here to help you effortlessly plan the ideal wine pairing - especially for the Pinot lovers.

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