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Happy National Pinot Noir Day!

Seinna Serrao

Who decided, when it was decided, and where it was decided that Pinot Noir Day would fall on August 18th is unknown, but what is known is that this incredible wine grape deserves a day dedicated to the celebration of it!

Let’s start with a quick overview of what Pinot Noir is.

Pinot Noir Grape Clusters Pinot Noir is a French grape variety originating in Burgundy, France. The name Pinot Noir translates to “pine” and “black” due to the shape its grape clusters grow in looking like a pinecone, and the grapes skin being exceptionally dark colored. Despite its dark skin color, the Pinot Noir grape produces a rather light-colored and medium-bodied wine.

Pinot Noir tends to be delicate, fruit forward, dry, low in tannins, and full of complex flavors. Of course it flavor profile can vary depending on where it is produced in the world. No matter the flavor variation, one thing that’s for sure is that is pairs superbly with food, especially lean steaks, roasted chicken, and salmon.

Glasses of Pinot Noir WineThis delightful wine does not come easy, and is not meant for the faint of heart. Pinot Noir is an extremely temperamental grape, making those brave enough to produce it deserving of respect and recognition on all days, but especially on National Pinot Noir Day.

So, what makes Pinot Noir so difficult to grow?

• First and foremost, the finicky grape only thrives in cooler climates.

• Secondly, the grape has very thin skin making it difficult to cultivate, problematic during the aging process, and tough to turn into wine.

This day celebrates all that goes into producing each and every bottle of the delectable wine. You can join in on the celebration by grabbing a bottle of your favorite Pinot Noir, or perhaps grab a new bottle that you have never tried before. Drink it with friends or drink it alone, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re consuming all of its goodness on August 18th.

Pinot Noir Vine PostAlso, if you happen to be from Oregon, as a top Pinot Noir producer, they often host their own special Pinot Noir celebration in McMinnville, Oregon.

Where can you find consistently amazing Pinot Noirs?

Here at Gold Medal Wine Club, we have a Pinot Noir Club dedicated solely to providing you with the best, finest, world-class Pinot Noirs! In this club you receive two incredible, limited-production bottles of Pinot Noir from top California winemakers and the occasional bottle from international wineries. If you are passionate about Pinots this is the club for you!

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