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How to (Successfully) Remove Wine Bottle Labels

Kelsey Chesterfield

Your monthly wine club delivery has arrived and when you open your shipment, much to your delight you pull out a bottle with a beautiful label - one definitely worth keeping! But we all know how it can be seemingly impossible to peel them off.

Lucky you, we have tried all of the methods out there and after much trial and error, we bring to you the easiest way to remove your favorite Wine Club labels - successfully! Discover the quick and super easy way without meticulous concentration and ultimate frustration when our hard work results in the label tearing off in small sections.

So, let's get started.

An empty wine bottle, a kettle, and oven mit and some towelsWhat you'll need:
• a wine bottle with the desired label securely adhered to the bottle
• a container for boiling water
• an oven mit
• a towel for unintentional yet inevitable spilling
• a binder or other vessel poised and ready to display your labels (optional)

Empty wine bottleStep 1: Choose your bottle with the desired label.

With your wine club membership or wine club gift, you're bound to receive a multitude of delicious wines throughout the year. The fun thing about receiving wines from authentic wineries is that oftentimes their label tells a story all its own!

Empty wine bottle with a glass of wineStep 2: Drink the wine inside.

We know...this step can be demanding, but someone has to do it! When using this method, it is crucial that the bottle is empty before removing the label.

KettleStep 3: Boil water

An electric tea kettle is a huge help with this. Make sure to boil enough water so that it will fill the majority of the empty wine bottle.

Pouring boiling water into an empty wine bottleStep 4: Fill the bottle with the boiling water

This is where the oven mitt and towel come into play! Lay the towel down on your work surface and place the empty wine bottle on top. Hold the bottle in one hand with your oven mitt while you fill the bottle with boiling water. Make sure that the water reaches just above the label.

hot water in a wine bottleStep 5: Wait a few minutes.

I know it may be hard to wait, it is important to let the hot water sit in the bottle for a few minutes. In doing so, the glue/adhesive on the label will begin to separate from the bottle.

Label peeling off a wine bottle in a very satisfying wayStep 6: Peel the label off.

Once you're confident that you've waited long enough, start at one corner of the label and slowly peel it away from the glass bottle. Make sure that you wait only a few minutes...if the water inside the bottle cools, the adhesive will once again be secured to the bottle.

Wine labelStep 7: Place the label into your wine keepsake binder.

While this step is optional, it is nice to have a place to keep all of your perfectly intact labels as a keepsake for your favorite wines! And with such an effortless method of removing them, you're bound to start a good collection. Especially with amazing wines arriving at your doorstep.

Repeat as needed for all of your favorite labels.