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Happy World Malbec Day!

Sienna Serrao

Who doesn’t love a reason to uncork a delicious bottle of wine and celebrate? Well this Friday is your opportunity to do so! Every year on April 17th, the world is graced with the celebration of the Argentinian Malbec wine for World Malbec Day. In Spanish, the day is named Malbec Mondo, meaning “Malbec throughout the World”.

What is Argentinian Malbec?

Malbec GrapesMalbec in general is a dark thin-skinned grape that when grown in its most popular location, Mendoza, Argentina, generates wines with fruit flavors of black cherry, blackberry, and plum, with subtle hints of cocoa, violet, and leather. The grape produces these bold, dark fruit flavors when grown in the dry climate, sunny weather, and high altitude of Mendoza.

Although the grape variety originated in France, it has reached its peak development in Mendoza, Argentina. In fact, there are currently three times more acres of Malbec in Argentina than there are in France. French and Italian immigration to Argentina helped contribute to the growth and success of Malbec and the wine industry.

History Behind World Malbec Day

Argentina MapThis event happens on April 17th to commemorate the day that occurred in 1853, when the President of Argentina at the time, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, reached out to the French soil expert, Michel Aimé Pouget, about bringing new grape varieties to Argentina. Vines of certain French grape varieties were brought to Argentina, and one in particular flourished, which of course was Malbec.

The idea to create a Malbec World Day accompanied by a large celebration was initiated by the brand Vino Argentino. Vino Argentino started back in 1993 with the goal to promote the image of regional wines. Their objective is to contribute to the global success of the wine industry in Argentina, and is responsible for making the wines known around the world.

The first celebration of World Malbec Day took place on April 17th in 2011. The real reason for celebrating this event — aside from just getting to drink some delicious Malbec wine — is to help Argentina establish itself as a leading exporter of wine and contribute to the success of the wine as a whole.

How to Celebrate Malbec Day!

Celebrate Malbec DayEach year in Mendoza, this day consists of city wide wine tastings, tango performances, food representations, and so much more! Malbec has become a significant artistic and cultural expression of Argentina and on this day acts as the thread that ties together art, food, music, and dance.

Until you can check this item off of your bucket list and get to Mendoza on April 17th, there are more than sixty cities all over the world that host events, some being in New York and Chicago. If you don’t happen to be near a city hosting a Malbec World Day celebration, you can always create your own! Gather with your fellow Argentine wine lovers and enjoy the day with some great food, music, friends and of course, Malbec wine!

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