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Kelsey Chesterfield

Actual events or Urban myth? We'll let you decide...

barrels in an old wine cellar

Some years ago, a young couple inherited a fairly enormous mansion surrounded by acres of beautiful vineyards.

While wandering through the seemingly endless corridors they stumbled upon the family's wine cellar. The couple was overjoyed to find nearly a dozen large wine barrels inside. "What a treasure!" said the man and the woman almost simultaneously. "We must see what's inside!" the man finished.

So they set to work, tapping each barrel one by one - only to be disappointed to find them bone-dry. With only three barrels remaining the couple's expectations had dwindled but were instantly elated when they discovered that one of the remaining barrels seemed heavier than the rest. Their hope returned.

Excitedly, the woman tapped the barrel and a wonderful deep crimson colored liquid swirled into her awaiting wine glass. Rich, amazing aromas seemed to fill the whole cellar.

"My dear, its wine!" exclaimed the woman joyfully. It was indeed, beautifully aged wine, so with a tentative sip they discovered it was delicious and filled their glasses to the brim.

wine barrel being tappedOver the course of the next year and a half, the couple drank their treasured wine over expensive meals, boasted about it during dinner parties and even gave some bottles away as gifts. Along with the happiness that the ancient barrel of wine had brought them, they knew the sorrowful day would come when their barrel finally ran dry.

That day did indeed come and the man went to remove the empty barrel, but found it to be abnormally heavy compared to the others they found in the cellar...almost as if it still held a good amount of wine in it. Confused, the man called to his wife to help him. As the couple struggled to move it they finally decided to cut the barrel in half. In doing so, the young couple found themselves staring down at the well-preserved body of a man...

Happy Halloween!

While this story is an old urban legend, you may be shocked to find out that centuries ago preserving a body in a barrel of alcohol was not uncommon. One famous folk story is about Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died during battle in 1805. His body was preserved in a barrel of brandy and shipped back to England for a proper funeral. The barrel was secured to the main mast of the ship and guarded for the length of the journey. As legend goes, the sailors took turns secretly tapping the barrel until every drop of brandy was gone - thus the phrase "tapping the admiral" was born.

P.S. None of our featured wines have been found in old mansions or in questionable wine barrels in mysterious wine cellars!