Gold Medal Wine Club is a Special Gift for Mom

Whether you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or not, most wine drinkers know that the taste and quality of wine varies greatly, and everyone who drink wine knows when they're drinking the good stuff. Usually a nice bottle is reserved for an special occasion, but why? Because a fine wine makes you feel special. It's a work of art that's been carefully cultivated over time, that you can enjoy and appreciate knowing that no two bottles are ever the same, and each one has a special story behind it. Gold Medal Wine Club has been selecting these types of wines for their wine club members since 1992. Members receive two award-winning boutique wines each month, which makes for a lot of occasions to feel special.

There's no one in your life that deserves to feel special more than Mom. On Mother's Day, give her the gift of a Gold Medal Wine Club membership. Each month she will receive two beautifully gift-wrapped boutique wines from small-production, family owned wineries. Each delivery also includes 'The Wine Press', a newsletter about the winery, the wine and the wine maker, with detailed tasting notes and fun recipes. It's a beautiful gift presentation, and one that she can look forward to receiving month after month. On each occasion that the cork is popped, she will savor the experience and thank you for the special, meaningful gift.

Gold Medal Wine Club has five different wine of the month clubs to choose from including the Gold Series which starts at $34/month. The Club also offers an International wine of the month club, and another offering only the world's best Pinot Noirs. We all know that mom deserves the best, so give her the gift of award-winning wine every month.