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Gifts for Wine Lovers

It can be challenging to shop for presents for a special someone who has it all, especially if your someone has discerning taste when it comes to wine. The good news is that you don’t have to be a wine expert to wow them. With a little thoughtful planning, you can find a perfect wine present that will leave the wine lover in your life raising a glass to good health and happiness.

Why Do We Gift Wine?

Unlike other traditional presents, gifting wine invites friends and loved ones to partake in sharing a rich sensory experience. From the ‘pop’ of the cork, to the ‘clink’ of glasses, all the way through to the last drop in the bottle - you swirl, sip, and savor wine over bountiful meals and lively conversation. Wine lovers know that a special bottle will enrich their tables.

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The Best Gift for Wine Lovers

The best wine drinker gifts take into account the taste preferences of the individual. If you know your wine friend well, then you probably already have a good idea of their favorite wine style and are looking for wine Christmas presents.

Why not pick out a bottle of wine that they’ll love?

Does your enthusiast like bold, powerful red wines? If you have a red wine lover in your life, be sure to check out the Wine Shop for individual bottles that range from Pinot Noir to Zinfandel. You’ll find a bottle of red for everyone's palate.

Or do they prefer the filigreed elegance of Champagne?

If they favor bubbly, then the Wine Shop carries individual bottles of Champagne perfect for a classy Christmas or New Year’s celebration.

Some wine drinkers only enjoy whites, others are sticklers for reds. Then there are those wine lovers who are open to trying anything and everything!

If you’re unsure of your enthusiast’s style preference, then pay attention the next time you share a glass or ask them about the most memorable bottle they’ve ever had. These are two clues that can help guide you in the right direction.

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Wine Gift Ideas

For the bold red wine lover, the Wine Shop brings you the Napa Wine section. Here you’ll find select bottles of what Napa does so well - the finest vintages of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. This grape marries structure, tannin, and deep black fruit with chocolate and spice. Ideal for those who appreciate the savory pleasures in life. For those that can't get enough Napa Cabernet, the Magnum Special Feature is especially rewarding. A 1.5-Liter bottle of 95-point-rated wine is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the finer things in life.

If you have a wine aficionado who relishes talking about the endless details of a wine as if it were a beloved sports team, then you know they have a discriminating palate. For these wine lovers, check out the Wine Shop’s 90+ and 93+ point wine section. These wines are rated by leading industry experts and deliver concentration and quality that will grace any table.

Perhaps you have a more health-conscious drinker in your life. Who doesn’t start out the New Year with a resolution or two to live their best life? Visit the Wine Shop’s low-alcohol section. You’ll discover a range of lower-alcohol wines including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Champagne.

Some wine lovers never drink reds, and still, others pass on anything white. Knowing what your wine drinker loves will help steer you in the right direction. Of course, if you’re still unsure what your giftee’s wine tendencies are, then you can never go wrong with a bottle of each!

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Wine Basket Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to give more than just a bottle of wine, then wine gift baskets can be ideal wine drinker gifts. Curated gift sets deliver the total wine experience. These wine-themed baskets wrap together wine (of course) small bites, chocolates, and even wine accessories.

Want to pamper a lovely lady in your life? Then why not give the Wine Spa Day gift basket? Bubbly Champagne, silky Cabernet Sauvignon, wine-infused soaps, and luxurious lotions will leave her radiant and relaxed.

Do you have a wine lover who adores Chardonnay? Originally from the Burgundy region of France, Chardonnay is now the most widely planted white grape in the world. And with good reason. What’s not to love about creamy opulence in a glass? It’s the best wine to gift your white wine enthusiast. Check out the Chardonnay Gift Set with Chocolates.

If you have friends or loved ones who love hosting home wine-tasting events, then be sure to check out the Blind Wine Tasting Game. This gift set comes with two secret red wines, two secret white wines, and a Somm Blinders game that puts wine knowledge to the test. Your wine lover will be thrilled by the challenge of picking out blinded wines like the pros.

Still looking for inspiration? Check out more wine country gift sets below!

Wine Gift Sets

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The Wine Club Gift

Perhaps the ultimate wine present are wine country gifts that deliver the finest boutique bottles to your wine lover each month. For the avid wine drinker, a wine club gift delivers hand-selected wines that allow them to explore new bottles over time and discover new producers.

The Gold Wine Club delivers highly-acclaimed, hard-to-find, California wines. The Gold Wine Club allows you to customize your gift by mixing and matching reds, whites, or a combination of each. You can even select the number of bottles delivered, from 2 - 6, and also the number of months you gift, from 3 - 12. This is the perfect way to set up a recurring wine gift and let your wine enthusiast explore new bottles.

If you know your wine lover already has a taste for the good stuff, then the Platinum Wine Club specializes in premium wines rated over 90+ points. You won’t find these critically-acclaimed wines on most store shelves, but you can have them delivered to your special someone’s door. Finely-crafted bottles showcase the purity of fruit and the winemaker’s craft.

Do you have an intrepid wine lover in your life who drinks broadly? Then the International Wine Club may be the perfect gift! This wine club gift delivers family-owned estate wines from around the world. The International Wine Club will also be an ideal pairing for the foodies in your life who enjoy global cuisine.

Understated. Authentic. Unique. If this describes your wine lover, then look no further than the Garagiste Wine Club. Garagiste (gar-uh-zheest) winemakers have a long tradition of micro-production focused on quality, not quantity. Garagistes are first earned their fun and funky namesake from making wine in their garages. Today, garagistes are known for their one-off mouthwatering creations. You won’t find these wines in your local wine shop!

Refined elegance with silky tannins and mouthwatering red fruit - welcome to the Pinot Noir Club. Pinot fanatics know quality and this is it! This wine club gift showcases highly-rated Pinot wines that will leave your special someone pouring a second glass!

For the true cellarmaster in your life, look no further than the Diamond Wine Club. The ultimate wine club gift, the Diamond Wine Club, only selects the highest-rated wines. These bottles score between 93-99 points by industry experts and they are ageable cellar selections that will only improve in the years to come. The Diamond Wine Club is limited to 500 members, so be sure to visit the member site today.

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Wine Gifts

Remember, every bottle of wine has its own unique story. Your wine enthusiast knows this and will appreciate a thoughtful bottle, basket, or club membership. Pairing presents for wine lovers doesn’t have to be hard, especially when the best wine gifts are already ready for you! Visit our Wine Shop for more ideas.