What is the fastest way to chill a bottle of white wine?


Need a bottle of white wine chilled in a hurry?

Don’t fret – and don’t put it in the freezer. Here’s a simple, guaranteed quick method to chill that bottle fast. Place the bottle in a large bucket and fill with ice and cold water. The bucket should be big enough that most of the bottle is submerged in the ice water. The last step? Add a large handful of salt to the ice water. The salt reduces the freezing point of water and will help lower the temperature quite a bit. Your wine will be ready to go in just 15 minutes.

Vertical tasting vs. horizontal tasting. What’s the difference?

While both vertical and horizontal wine tastings highlight differences between similar wines, the set up is quite different. In a vertical tasting, different vintages of the same wine type (ex: Cabernet Sauvignon) from the same winery are tasted. Vertical tastings help emphasize differences between various vintages. In a horizontal tasting, the wine types and vintages are all the same, but the wines are from different wineries. Horizontal tastings help emphasize differences in winemaking styles winery to winery.

How does a wine’s temperature affect the way it tastes and smells?

Wine temperature is one of the most commonly overlooked guidelines when serving wine, and it greatly affects the taste and aromas of wine. If a wine is served too warm, the alcohol tends to evaporate quickly, unbalancing the wine and causing it to lose structure and body, in addition to distorting the aromatics. If a wine is served too cold, the aromas can be withheld, while acidity and tannins are emphasized. It’s best to serve red wines slightly cooler than room temperature, and white wines much cooler, and ideally chilled.

Originally Published in our Gold Wine Club "Wine Press" newsletter Paint Horse Winery Edition.